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B.YONEST “Blog” Newz: Crossover Coming Soon

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Who knew a blog would take this long to cross/switch over? The “B.YONEST INVAZION” team is working diligently to finish our outstanding and new Blog Presentation. We will deliver daily updates on Sports, Entertainment, Celebrity, Gossip and B.YONEST, himself. Videos, Music, Interviews and B.YONEST blurps are going to a new level. For the next couple weeks, check Continue to stay with us as we will bring blog entries here in the meantime. Thanks for following. We reached a “new high” last month by hitting 37,000 hits. See you next month, blog fans.



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Big BCongratulations, The B.YONEST INVAZION has officially reached 500 POSTS. We started this Entertainment Blog over a year ago and never imagined 120,000 views and 500 posts the next year. Over the last year we’ve covered every and any issue from Kanye West/Taylor Swift to kidnapping crisis’ and everything in between. We’ve tried diligently to deliver HONEST NEWZ with a twist of irony and sacrasm. The reality is we never imagined 500 posts. The B.YONEST INVAZION staff couldn’t have possibly dreamed 1,000 views/day and 30,000 hits in a month, but WE DID IT. We will continue to bring you NEWZ, ENTERTAINMENT and CELEBRITY GOSSIP as we are becoming entertained ourselves. Thanks for all of YOUR SUPPORT.

We started with an idea. Let’s deliver NEWZ through the eyes of an entertainer. We’ve expanded the B.YONEST BRAND to many extremes consisting of LETZ BYONEST, B.YONEST ENTERPRIZES, B.YONEST MUZIK B.YONEST 4 BABIEZ and many more. Videos, Interviews, Articles, Opinions, Concepts and Growth is what we have focused on. Numbers don’t lie. 500 posts and over 100,000 views in a year. We can’t wait to see what the next year will deliver. Cheers to ANOTHER 500 POSTS. ALL HAIL and #hollawonimo


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B.YONEST NEWZ: is TMZ a bunch of HATERZ?

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Okay, at first I wasn’t offended by the companies’ disrespect, but this is gone too far. I’m starting to B.lieve TMZ has a sincere issue with B.YONEST INVAZION. We follow the criteria that you ASK over and over again, but you consistently TAKE OUR POSTS DOWN. IS IT BECAUSE we write better articles???  I swear we don’t take your stories and steal them. We write our own shit and do our own research. It’s annoying as shit because I see some (other peoples’) postings and you’re not taking those down. AND STOP DISSIN’ Michael Jackson. go INVAZION.. #HOLLAWONIMO!!!



“To create a live link, simply type the URL (including http://) or email address and we will make it a live link for you. You can put up to 3 URLs in your comments. Line breaks and paragraphs are automatically converted — no need to use <p> or <br /> tags.”

We did not break a single rule. We completely stuck to the script of the article and TMZ still dropped us off their page. We kept our comment relevant to the article. We posted THREE url’s which was the EXACT necessity to make a comment. Why did TMZ drop us? I’ll tell you why. We received too many hits and comments from their page. We didn’t even copy their article. We researched and created our own article. YOU GUYS STILL BOUNCED US..What did we do wrong??

You’re going to receive your hits regardless. We give you credit and bounce articles back to you a great deal. Again, WE DIDN’T BREAK A SINGLE RULE when it came to commenting. WHAT MORE CAN WE DO, TMZ.. TMZ and other sites are phenomenal for what they do. We respect you whole heartedly.


Sidenote: I report TMZ is allowing us to post again, but we lost our 2nd spot. I’m A LOT less irritated, but I still think it blows.. (1:01pm)

Sidenote Part II: We don’t have any issued w/ TMZ. WE just don’t understand how we follow the proper instructions. AGAIN, we love TMZ and all u represent.. thanks TMZ for all your help.. (2:20pm)

B.YONEST NEWZ: B.YONEST INVAZION continues on STEADY GROWTH CURVE – August 09 numbers in…

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Picture 78

B.YONEST INVAZION continues on STEADY GROWTH CURVE.  Ending AUGUST just short of 11, 500 views for the month– this is second biggest month since the blogs’ inception in May 08. Only one year ago in August 08 we had 42 views for month. The biggest month being May 09 with 31, 442 views for the month a great lesson about internet marketing and traffic.  We will be ready for next years push from spring break, festivals, and sex tapes.  One thing is known, numbers dont lie and WE ARE DOING SOMETHING RIGHT!!!

We are showing this transparency in blog numbers because there is much for everyone to learn from our journey together… we will continue to share stats and wins  and lessons as we move forward…(WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!!!)

click here to see B.YONEST PLAN back in May 09

At this writing contains

406 blog postings (broken down into, among many other categories)

Top pages and plays this month



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TWITTER???    itz getz silly on here…


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MY name iz B.YONEST and…. I banged MEGAN FOX!! Chapter III

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You know that feeling! That “I’m going to pass out or piss my pants right where I stand,” feeling? Yeah, well I didn’t have THAT. I had that “You’re a fourteen years old boy and your grandma just caught you beating off in her bathroom and makes you clean it all up as she watched,” feeling. Utter Stupidity, I felt. I did AT LEAST seven double takes in four seconds to reassure myself that I was standing in front of Megan Fox.

“Uhhhh, Uhhhh, I, I, I, I guess you could kinda say somethin’ like that,” I said back to her.

This wasn’t really happening right? I wanted to pinch or bite myself, wake up next to Nikki Hilton, vomit on my clothes and start this shit all over again. My breath was the worse it had been since I lost a dare in fourth grade and had to eat my friends, cousins’ dog shit. Terrible story for another day! My hands were as palmy, sweaty, shaking and I was STILL INEBRIATED.

“Yeah, I remember you for sure. Me and my friends watched you dance for like 10 minutes straight. I wanted to come dance with you, but I was with my guyfriend and I didn’t want it to be all awkward and shit. I’m Megan by the way.” (as if every fuckin’ human, alien and asshole didn’t know her.)


“Seriously? MEGAN FOX watched you dance, B. This is the most amazing experience you’ve ever had B. Please don’t fuck THIS one up. Your luck with girls is TERRIBLE and… Just pleaase don’t fuck this one up. You won’t be able to explain to your friends…. Wait did she call Brian Boston Bean her “guy” friend? Why didn’t she say boyfriend?”

“Because he’s not my boyfriend,” Megan said as she brought me back from my personal (but obviously broadcasted) dreamworld. I had just said ALL OF THAT OUT LOUD. She heard ever word. The “don’t fuck this up” The “Brian Boston Bean.” She heard it ALL. What an ass I’ve made of myself to the City of Santa Monica, today. Trippin’ in the street, pickin’ up weed, stealin MY backpack BACK from the bums and calling Megan Foxs’ “guy friend” Brian Boston Bean to her face. ASS HOLE!

“What’s your name,” Megan asked as she reached out to shake my hand. Normally, I kiss the hand of every girl I meet for the first time. Just a sign of respect and appreciation for women, period. There was no way in the WORLD I could shake, touch or kiss her hand right now. What the kcuf was I to do? My first “interaction” with Megan Fox and this is what I look, smell and feel like?

“I’m B,” I gasped as I shook her hand with extreme reservation. I wanted to kiss it more badly than any hand I’d seen in my LIFE, but I froze up. I was scared to leave the scent of another womans’ vagina on her, truthfully.

“B, huh? Does that stand for anything in particular B,” Megan asked. I was really exchanging in normal conversation with kcufin Megan Fox. I forgot how badly I wanted to bang her. I completely lost sight of the fact I was scrambling like chicken with his head cut off to find her just 30 minutes ago. I was chillin’ at the gym, talkin to Megan Fox.

“Yeah it stands for B.YONEST. Real name is Brian (I felt Megan Fox deserved my real name), but everyone calls me B. You can call me B DOT if you want,” I told her with a confident grin.”

We exchanged small talk (I wont bore you with all the details like me gazing at her sweaty cleavage every once in a while or me beginning to envision BEING  the sweat running down her cleavage, etc), laughed a bit more about me vomiting in the parking lot. She asked if I was new to Los Angeles and what I was doing in the “City of Angels.” Truthfully it was pretty boring conversation besides the fact her nipples were rock solid, my penis to follow and I could feel my stomach churning with excitement and slowly, but surely more vomit was creeping up my throat.


“You cannot, will not and refuse to puke in front of Megan Fox. Get it together B. Your knees are gettin weaker! B, get a drink of water from the fountain. B, don’t do this B. B! B! B!”

The next thing I remember,  I was lying on my back, there were blurry faces of different colors surrounding me and I didn’t have my glasses on anymore. It was warm and the room was spinning. I could feel something on my forehead, but I felt too weak and embarrassed to reach for it or give a shit.

“You alright man,” Jason asked me as he began to lift me up. I passed out cold, PEOPLE. Fainted right in front of Megan Fox. We shared great convo, sweat together and I passed out!

“Yeah I’m good,” I responded to Jason as if I hadn’t just fainted in front a gym packed full of people. Not quite the statement I was looking to make! I slowly walked over to the water fountain, held onto the sides of the fountain dispenser (to give myself something to balance on) and sipped some water. After a few HUMONGOUS, thirst quenching gulps I looked into the mirror above the water fountain and noticed a blurry, yellow “Post-It” stuck on my forehead. I slowly reached up and grabbed the note with sincere confusion.

“Sorry I had to bail, babe. Enjoyed the laughs. Call me, B. Heart, Megan!” the note read. A ten-digit number surrounded the perimeter of the note. I was a note, NO THE NOTE, from Megan Fox. I put the note in my left pocket, walked downstairs into the locker room and took a shower.

It’s only Noon and I’ve had the best day of my life,” I said to myself as I washed my nut sac. I may have dropped trees in the street, forgot my I-Pod, puked on my clothes, stole my backpack from homeless honky’s, chased Brian Boston Bean through the Promenade (like an asshole), brushed my teeth in Caucasian pubic hair and passed out in front of Megan Fox. BUT, I got her digits. Don’t remember when or how, but I got ’em.

I didn’t bang Megan Fox that day either obviously, but tune in TOMORROW.. We’re gettin closer!

TO READ CHAPTER II part 2  (click here)

TO READ CHAPTER IV (click here)

DISCLAIMER.. “This story is a COMPLETE act to practice my poetic license.” PLEASE DON’T TAKE IT SERIOUS, TRUE, FALSE or anything else. JUST READ IT AND LAUGH!! — B.YONEST


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dailygrindDo YOU wake up in the morning, check your facebook stats (as they GLOBALLY rise by the minute), write a blog entry or TWELVE about celebrities (such as Lindsay Lohan, Steve McNair or YOURSELF), write a song or FOUR (with incredible production from ALL OVER THE MAP, USA), hop on twitter and notice people left you messages while you were sleeping (because you’re that fuckin amazing), read a passage from a  wonderfully written book (the title i REFUSE TO GIVE AWAY because there’s a GREAT DEAL of biters in the game…), write a few log lines, script lines, edit video, sip your coffee and check the clock ONLY to realize it’s not even NOON YET? IF NOT, you’re not G.R.I.N.D.I.N.!! I’M NOT CALLIN PEOPLE OUT.. I’M TRYIN TO IMPROVE YOUR GRIND.

Every human in the flippn’ world utilizes the phrase “grindin” IT’S ANNOYING as shit. It’s almost as bad as people walkin around screamin Michael Jackson songs off their balconies when they were saying he was a rapist, felonious and this was just eight minutes before he died. I’m JUST SAYIN… Stop sayin’ you’re GRINDIN. Every song, interview and corner store vendor claims they grindin’. SOME OF YOU FOOLS are WORKIN’… I HATE to be do blatant, but OPEN YOUR EYES, face REALITY and live in it. I appreciate EVERY PERSON who works, hustles, bustles, tussles and muscles their way win in the door. GRINDIN’ is WAAAY DIFFERENT, MAN.

Grindin is BREATHIN’ what you do. Grindin is HAVIN THE BALLS to jump off the cliff for your shit when NO ONE says you can or should. Grindin is wakin up at 5am only because you know your business partner USUALLY gets up @ 6am or so. When you get to the computer to check your emails, your business partner has already sent you four emails about Sponsorships, upcoming shows and Website updates. NOW, THAT’S GRINDIN.. Challenge ONE ANOTHER to GRIND, people.

THIS IS THE WORLD OF “Don’t talk about it.. B.(YONEST) about it.” Words definitely help in the development of an idea and the creativity of the concept, but DO IT! Again, this is only to help y’all. Always. I would much rather you NEVER tell me what you’re going to do and just do it, first. I’m still a sucker for this one because I have soo many ideas floating, I want to publish them to the world. THATS NOT GRINDIN, B.YONEST. GRINDIN is doing the research (after the concept is developed), creating a pre-production copy of the concept (people dont understand what’s in your head.. THEY NEED THE VISUAL.. I’m just SAYIN), re-fining your pre-produced project, making it PERFECT and RELEASING IT TO THE WORLD. Thus, THE B.YONEST INVAZION IS GRINDIN’.

I HOPE all of YOU take this article as a challenge step up your “GRINDS.” I work hard to keep mine and an all time high. I know when I’m asleep, SOMEONE is awake and working on something I SHOULD be working on. SO THOSE OF YOU GRINDING, stay on it because it challenges me. THOSE OF YOU, NOT GRINDING…. UHHHHHHH!! THOSE OF YOU who dont know what grinding is, SHOULD read this article over and over until you understand the necessity of (what we here at B.YONEST ENERPRIZES like to call) GRIND MODE! ALL HAIL


ps. i grind so much, I FORGET TO EAT!


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blogowhiteI wish I could sit here and tell you I have some exciting news to let you in on. I wish I was sitting @ my computer ready to tell you how amazing of a week this has been, celebrity wise. I wish I had dirt on the “WHOOPI GOLDBERG featuring LIONEL RITCHIE” sextape (fuckin yuck) but I honestly don’t. (album here)

No one gives a shit about Heidi and Spencers’ wack asses begging to be back ON “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here.” I reckon the fact that the Lakers beat the living day lights out of the Orlando Magic last night is worth blogging, but unless you live in Orlando and/or Los Angeles, you (like myself) probably don’t give a tif! Wouldn’t you have rather the Finals been LeBron vs Kobe? No, not the Lakers vs. the Cavaliers. LeBron vs. Kobe. Anyways……. (g rated blog here)

Gas is higher and so is the cost of weed. So now it costs me more to smoke trees if I so desire. Why, cuz of the gas I gotta put in the car to get to my weed man’s house, dummy! What else? Man, oh man. It’s damn near summer in Columbus Ohio and it’s still 55 degrees. That’s effin amazing, right. Especially considering the fact I’ve been in Miami, Phoenix, Las Vegas and Los Angeles in the last four months.. Does it sound like I’m bitching a litle bit? Oh, well let’s talk about the good stuff then, fuckers. (letzbyonest website here.)

Everyone is healthy. Homies are havin’ babies and gettin married everywhere around me. Zak and I have so much freakin’ content for you foolz we don’t even know what to do with it ourselves. I’m gettin ready to get ready to hit the road again. Mentally, anyway! It’s a tough task, but we have the potential, drive and fundamentals to get ‘er done. I love Los Angeles, California. GEEEEESH!

Not too much to rant about right this second. I felt it was the weekend and I needed to give some love, hate and down right YONESTy to the world. This has actually inticed me to begin a weekly “Friday Follow-Up” of all the shit that happened in the week. That way, you can read up, study up and stay tuned into what’s crackin on a weekly basis (in case you cant check the B.L.O.G. every second of the day.) ALL HAIL!