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Brett Favre is a GRANDFATHER

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.YONEST “Entertainment” NEWZ: Too funny NOT to blog about

Brett Favre is the only grandfather in the National Football League. I REPEAT, Brett Favre is a grandpa. How funny is that. Let me break it down to you. Favre and his wife gave birth to their daughter, Brittany, when he was 19. Twenty-one years later, Brittany gave birth to Parker Brett. Definite quarterback in the works. What a funny story.!! Don’t worry guys. Parker will have an opportunity to see grandpa play in seven years when he’s STILL in the NFL.


B.YONEST “Sports” Newz: NFC Championship: New Orleans Saints win

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B.YONEST NEWZ.. Is Brett Favre going to retire after a game like that??

The Green Bay Packers remember when Brett Favre threw an interception in the NFC Championship. Now, The Minnesota Vikings can say the same thing. In the fourth quarter, Favre threw an interception to the middle of the field that “just about” cemented The New Orleans Saints into the Super Bowl. If Brett Favre runs in a straight line for 5 yards, they call a time out, bring on the field goal team and win the game in regulation. Instead, Favre threw a pass across his body, towards the middle of the field that was intercepted. The Saints got the kickoff in Overtime, drove down the field and the rest is HIStory!

I guess you can’t forget Adrian Peterson’s, Percy Harvin and Brett Favre’s “other” turnovers though. I mean, they did turn the ball over like six times or something crazy and still only lost by a field goal in Overtime. Time will tell whether Favre is done or not. He clearly has some gas in the tank and a gun slinger for an arm. Does he still have the heart, drive and determination to go through another season? Saints vs. Colts. LET’S GO “Bowling…”



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1473636688When I’m 40 years young, I hope I have enough energy to touch my toes and bathe myself. When I’m 40 my hamstrings are going to be so knotted up, I probably wont be able to move AT ALL. This man, Brett Favre, isn’t only still playing football, but at the hightest, most competitive level. Let’s talk about something. I’m in my 20’s. Brett Favre has been in the NFL since I was in 7th grade. 17 years. That’s the most ridiculous statistic in the World. I mean, yeah he’s started in like 287 games straight, which is like 14 seasons including playoffs.

Yes, he’s broken every passing record known to existence. Yes, he’s won the MVP twice and he has a Super Bowl. The man has nothing else to prove, but for some reason, he keeps thrusting that football to the back of end zonez for game winning touchdowns. He still runs down the field to throw blocks on linebackers. The man still LOVES the game and it shows in his play, his attitude and his statistics. He’s in a perfect situation w/ The Minnesota Vikings. Great Defense, Great running game and his job is management. Well, he may MANAGE to prove all the doubters, haters and GM (Ted Thompson) wrong again. Brett “The Bionic Man” Favre is the GREATEST, period.

Brett Favre is one of those players we are all going to look back on and say “I had the honor and privilege of watching him play.” He plays like every down could be his last. He’s actually quit and retired TWICE only to find, he still has some gas in the tank AND the ability to compete w/ players half his age. He threw a touchdown pass to rookie, Percy Harvin, yesterday against the Green Bay Packers. Interesting “stat fact” of the day. When Brett Favre arrived in the NFL, Harvin was 5 years old. He’s throwin footballs to “kids.” It’s awesome.

I know most of you are reading this and may actually disagree. How you can is beyond me, but I imagine there’s some people bitter about his second return. “Brett should’ve stayed retired,” I hear people say and I understand your angst. You’re probably a bunch of Green Bay Packer fans that are salty that he’s thrown seven touchdowns against you this season in two games. You’re probably bitter because he’s thrown for over 700 yards against you this season and beat you TWICE. Go Brett Favre. YOU are THE GREATEST, EVER! All Hail!!



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Two Teams remain undefeated. The Indianapolis Colts and The New Orleans Saints. Who’s the Better Team and who will remain undefeated longer?? Article HERE!!

B.YONEST “NFL” NEWZ… 3 in the NFC. 2 in the AFC! Who’s the BEST??

nflWe are officially into Football Season. The smell of Fall air and the chill of a Saturday and/or Sunday Gameday awakens me every weekend with excitement. I’m a football enthusiast. College football. High School Football. Madden on  X BOX. Whatever I love football. With that said, the NFL season has so many intriguing stories to discuss, it’s AMAZING. The Cincinnati Bengals are 4-1. The Tennessee Titans are 0-5, coming off a 13-3 season. Mike Singletary seems to have The San Francisco 49ers believing they can win and the Redskins and Rams still SUCK. Today, we discuss the UNDEFEATEDs’

vikings-logoThe Minnesota Vikings brought Brett Favre in for one thing and one thing only. Maybe two things. GO TO THE SUPER BOWL and beat the sh*t out of The Green Bay Packers (twice) along the way. They have a stellar defense, a great running back in Adrian Peterson and Brett Favre’s job is game control, maintenance and just be BRETT FAVRE. He walked into the locker room (day one), made friends and has done nothing, but bring a winning lifestyle into that organization. The Vikings are 5-0 and looking great. They faced the 49ers a couple weeks ago and won on a last second 50-yard bullet from Favre. They blow out teams they should and they look great. Are they the BEST?

910Drew Brees and his New Orleans Saints are runnin’ sh*t in the South Region of the U.S. Brees is throwin’ touchdowns to every person on the field, it seems. The man seems on a mission and anyone standing, running or defending in his way is just getting embarrassed. Reggie Bush is healthy, the wide receivers are doing what they are supposed to and the defense is playing “good enough” to win games. Do I think they are the Best Undefeated team? NO, but I do believe they have the potential to get better and you never know what can happened when you quarterback, some explosive players on both sides of the ball and a belief system that you can do ANYTHING. Get ’em Saints.

New_York_Giants_helmet_rightfaceThe New York Giants are SERIOUS y’all. I mean serious. Who the hell knew that Eli Manning would be the 3rd or 4th best quarterback in the NFL, period. I said PERIOD. The man completely gets it. Tom Coughlin, who the Giants almost fired 2 years ago, has them boys playing at the highest level. Wide Receiver Steve Smith is gettin’ bizzy. Their Defensive Line… FORGET ABOUT IT! Running back tandom is spectacular and these boys WIN ON THE ROAD. I mean WIN ON THE ROAD. I think I will honestly say the Giants are the best undefeated team in the…. NFC!!

ColtsHelmetThe “MY” Indianapolis Colts. Where do I begin on the Colts. This is, in my opinion the Best Undefeated Team. I musn’t lie. Maybe because I was born and raised in Indianapolis. Maybe because I’ve been a Colts fan since as long as I can remember. MAYBE? With that said, the Colts are clicking on all cylinders.  Peyton Manning is healthy, he had a complete Training Camp and extra time with his WHOLE receiver core and it shows. Manning has thrown for 300 yards in the 1st 5 games this season. Nuff Said. The Defense is playing better, blitzing more and Bob Sanders is STILL on the sidelines. New coach, same philosophies. UNDEAFEATED. Go Colts.

456The Surprise undefeated team and the story of the season is The Denver Broncos. New coach, Josh McDaniels, new quarterback Kyle Orton, Brandon Marshall’s crazy ass playing like the best wide receiver in the NFL (which he may be) and the Broncos are “ballin.” I mean ballin. They defense is bananas, man. They got Champ Bailey and Brian Dawkins. What kinda sh*t is that? That’s like Ron Artest going to the Los Angeles Lakers. That’s not fair, sh*t. They may not stay undefeated for long, but they are undefeated today FRESH off a win over The New England Patriots. I was the biggest doubter of them at the beginning of the season, but TODAY I stand before you and say The Denver Broncos are “serious.” For Real? I don’t know, but “serious.”

The BEST team in the NFL may not be an undefeated team at all, but that wasn’t the topic of conversation, today. Feel free to add you two cents in and let me know who you think is the best team in the NFL. A couple things we do know. It’s not The Cleveland Browns (who won 6-3 yesterday). We know Terrell Owens aint doing shit for The Buffalo Bills and The Rams and Redskins still SUCK. Thanks for reading and GO COLTS. ALL HAIL.



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Brett Favre came out last night and did exactly what we have expected him to do over the last 18 years. He handled all the pressure, he rose to the challenge and beat his old team 30-23. Favre threw three touchdown passes, completely controlled the game and proved that he “Brett Favre” still had “IT.” The man will be 40 years old next week and threw the football around last night like he was a 6 year veteran. The Minnesota Vikings look great. DEFENSE is a serious force to reckon with. Adrian Peterson is the best running back in the NFL and they have Brett Favre. Go Vikings. See you fools in the Super Bowl taking on my Indianapolis Colts. great GAME!

B.YONEST NEWZ.. B.YONEST NEWZ.. Favre takes on the Packers….

Are you ready for some Football? Tonight Brett Favre attempts to do something NO FOOTBALL player has ever achieved.  Brett Favre has the opportunity to beat EVERY NFL FOOTBALL TEAM. All 32 teams with a win over the Green Bay Packers tonight in Minneapolis. There’s been a great deal of talk. Both teams want to win this game for “obvious reasons,” but there’s only one winner and i say “GO FAVRE.”

REMEMBER when Joe Montana played for the Kansas City Chiefs? Remember when Michael Jordan strapped up his sneakers and played basketball for the Washington Wizards? Over time, many players have switched teams and put on a uniform none of us imagined possible. This NFL football Season is no different. Brett Favre is a Minnesota Viking and tonight on Monday Night Football he and his Vikings host the Green Bay Packers. How crazy is it that Brett Favre is playing AGAINST the Green Bay Packers?

There will be a great deal of excitement tonight on ESPN. Not only are the Packers playing the Vikings, but it’s for 1st place in the NFC North Division. Aaron Rodgers would love nothing more than to prove he deserved to take the reign from Favre. Favre would love to prove he still has it @ the tender age of 40. This is going to be fun and the World gets to watch. We’ve seen Favre do some emphatic things on Monday night and tonight should be NO DIFFERENT.

I had no idea how I would feel about this predicament. I know I’m a humongous Brett Favre fan and hopefully the rest of the World would agree that he has some gas left in the tank. Who’s going to win tonight? I wish I knew. If  was a betting man, I’d definitely say the Vikings, but we never know. Although tonight is not about Brett Favre vs. the Packers or Favre vs. Rodgers, that’s all the News has been talking about. Brett Favre vs. The Green Bay Packers. TONIGHT on NBC we get to watch something NONE of us could’ve imagined ourselves. Good Luck Brett. The Minnesota Vikings look to attain a 4-0 record tonight. Get ‘Er Done.



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B.YONEST NEWZ, B.YONEST NEWZ.. Upsets, Blow-Outs and the Lions.

This is why we play the games. Football, boxing and other sports are so imperative to the livelihood of many individuals all over the World. The opportunity for an underdog to upset a favorite (David vs Goliath) is the reason we are so captivated by Sport. Thus, I bring you the SPORTS Weekend Round-Up.

uscLET’S START with the USC Trojans Football team, shall we. September 12, they go into Columbus, Ohio and pull a win out of their ass*s. I give it to them. Great last drive to win the game 18-15. What happened the next week. They blow it and LOSE to Washington. It’s the most ridiculous shiz EVER. They continuously shoot themselves in the foot and lose a game they have NO BUSINESS losing. Pete Carroll has to be nauseated as he watches film. His athletes could compete against some NFL teams, but they play to the level of their competition WAY too much. Go Huskies.

byuBrigham Young University Football believed to be on the fast track to a BCS opportunity as well. They planned on coasting to an undefeated season on their way to a guaranteed BCS Birth. Then they played Florida State Saturday and realized “immediately” that PROBABLY wasn’t going to be the way. Florida State looked faster, better, BLACKER, meaner and beat the living sh*t out of the Mormons’ 54-28. I mean no racist or religious disrespect by that comment, but they did whip they ass*s. UPSET? I don’ think so because Florida State is good and B.Y.U. is not he 7th best team in the Country. Florida State and Coach Bowden are lookin good!

Floyd “Money” Mayweather. Enough Said. 40-0. Never lost a fight. Not even close. The man came out of retirement (hasn’t fought since 2007) and won EVERY round Saturday night in Las Vegas. He looked like he went sparring practice, took a shower and hit the club. I’ve never seen speed like this in my life. It was “Matrix Reloaded” type sh*t. Well done, “Money.”  (click his name to read MORE.)

newyorkjetsThe New York Jets. No, NOT The New England Patriots, but this is a shout out to the New York Jets. First and foremost, I hate the f*cking Patriots. I’m from Indianapolis, In thus I’m a Colts fan, bitches. To watch the Jets guarantee a win, talk all that trash and BACK IT UP with a 16-9 victory was amazing. Brady, Moss and that offense didn’t score a touchdown. First time since 2006. The defense is looking old, Brady looks nervous and the Jets are undefeated and leading the division. Go J-E-T-S!!

detroit-lionsKurt Warner and Brett Favre proved again to be ageless and forever existing this weekend. Warner completed 24 out of 26 passes n his way to a victory. His 92 percent complete rating was the highest ever passing Vinny Testaverde’s former record while he was a Cleveland Brown. Favre completed 23 out of 27 passes on his way to a win over the Detroit Lions.

Poor Detroit Lions. They have not won a football game since 2007. They are 0 for their last 19. The only team worse is the Tampa Bucaneers who lost 28 in a row. Geesh. In other News, The New York Giants beat the Cowboys, The Cincinnati Bengals go into Lambeau Field and upset the Green Bay Packers and how did the Chicago Bears beat the Pittsburgh Steelers. I’m a have to talk to Dom P. about this one. #HOLLAWONIMO.




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What a weekend in sporting events. Tiger Woods, NBA basketball, Brett Favre and much other madness took place this weekend.. READ BELOW!!!

  • The Lakers put the finishing touches on Orlando (101-96) in game two to take a commanding 2-0 lead. The Magic gave the Lakers all they could handle, but I’m afraid that series is officially….O.V.E.R.!!
  • Brett Favre underwent arthoscopic surgery on his right shoulder. Is this fool really going to attempt to touch a football field still? Apparently this fool is extensively serious about his return to the NFL and the Minnesota Vikings.
  • Roger Federer won his 14th Major Tennis Event, The French Open, on his way to tennis supremacy with Pete Sampras. Congratulations, Roger.
  • Tiger Woods came from four strokes down in the Final Round of the Memorial Tournament, in Muirfield, Ohio. Typical T.I.G.E.R.
  • Shaquille O’Neal, the original “Superman” can’t stop running his mouth about Dwight Howard.

“I can’t be impressed by something I invented in ’92,” O’Neal told Sports Illustrated last month. “I mean, you look at what he is doing, I’ve been there and done that. … Until he wins three, four championships, then we can talk about him. But right now, he is just like every other big guy.

Damn Shaq. That’s rude. True? Yes, but rude as shit. Let the man live. NO, he’s not Superman because he doesn’t have the rings, but I understand his (Dwight Howard) compassion to be the best center ever. It’s going to take some time “Big D.” Some serious time.  ALL HAIL!!