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B.YONEST: If You Could Sit Down With Anyone

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If you had the opportunity to sit down and discuss life with anyone in the world, who would it be? Celebrity, parent, teacher, relative, US Congressman, etc? Who would it be? What kind of questions would u ask them? Where would you meet and what would you do? These are questions we all have from time to time, I presume. Unless I have waaaay too much free time on my hands (which from the looks of things I do). I often ask myself what would I say to Jay-Z, Eminem and such when I meet them. Then I realize, that’s not who I’d sit down with. I’d sit down with Harold Edgar Penn, my biological father.

See, my parents split at a very early age for me. I went and lived with pops for a minute and then he pretty much bounced out of my life forever. What’s funny is 20 years later, I’m still not over it and I see it effecting relationships I hold dear to my heart now. I would ask pops why he left. What pressures did he feel he couldn’t fulfill. Maybe that would explain some things for me as a person. How do you just give up on your Children, I’d ask him. What he (and other people) doesn’t understand is the effect (him leaving) has on my brother and myself.

There is an extreme trust issue for people. Not just me, but other children, adolescents and adults who are experiencing or have experienced such feelings and emotions. Having someone walk away from you scars you for life. There’s no recovery. You just learn to “deal” with it. You develop a humongous wall to protect yourself from the pain and anguish of feeling like that EVER again. You block the people away (who love you the most) because you wonder when they are going to leave you too. It’s terrible, but true.

The point of this blog today is to spread awareness to parents, children and those in the middle. Everyone needs to know the effects of growing up “alone.” Growing up with one parent can be a great thing. My father was a racist man so I’m probably better without him. For some reason, we still would like to have the ability to kick them out of our lives ourselves. Maybe my father knew he was doing me a service by leaving. I may never know the answer to that question. Sadly, that’s what STILL bothers me the most 20 years later. Love u Pops.


Sidenote: I hope my blog articles give people a better perspective of the way I and my teammates see life. We try so hard to bring you the open, honest truth from all facets of life. Life can’t always be about Celebrity Gossip and naked photos. Every now and again, we need to discuss and be part of positivity and development. I hope this helps.


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B.YONEST NEWZ: B.YONEST gets ticket. Stays out of J.A.I.L.

thumb-131ALeaving the studio and feeling good, Rapper/Entertainer Brian “B.YONEST” Penn, was pulled over in late last night Gahanna, Ohio. He had finished up a late night session and was on his way home when he was pulled over by Gahanna Police @ 2am . He was cited and given a ticket for possession of marijuana. The officer(s) confiscated his product, wrote him up and sent him home. Given the situation, we here @ B.YONEST INVAZION say B.YONEST was extremely lucky. Dont’ Do Drugs.



Picture 1


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B.YONEST NEWZ.. Jay-Z a SMASH HIT in Columbus, Oh (10/28/09)

Picture 46Last night, Jay-Z was supposed to be doing the World Series. the New York Yankees were playing Game 1 against the Philadelphia Phillies in BROOKLYN, NY. Jay-Z has a concert scheduled in Columbus, Ohio and he did NOT let us down. Not only did he do the show, but he stayed and gave us a GREAT ENCORE. We love you HOVA. Below is the pre-show and a snippet of him performing his smash single “RUN THIS TOWN.”

Jay-Z PERFORMED EVERYTHING. Any smash hit u can imagine, he performed. Hard Knock Life, Encore, Big Pimpin, Jigga What, Jigga Who, Diamonds are Forever (acapella)  and many many more.. What surprised me the most was the CROWD. So many young, fresh faces were out to represent. The LEGEND, Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter. NUFF SAID!! ALL HAIL, “HOVA, HOVA.” Thanks for the great time, Jay-Z.  DOWNLOAD the “RUN this TOWN remix HERE!



B.YONEST NEWZ.. The job market is a “MONSTER”

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B.YONEST NEWZ.. “If you have a dream and/or goal, get it NOW.”

logoletzb2As the situation(s) of jobs (well the lack there of) in the United States of America continues to worsen and the cost of our dollar drops by the second, a vast amount of American “middle class” individuals are finding themselves searching for existence. Waking up in the morning unsure if your cubicle is going to continue to have your name plate has an extravagant amount of people in the ultimate “Zombie Mode.”

monstercomBanks are losing money on foreclosures, companies are going out of business because they can’t afford their loans, no one is shopping, malls, stores and shops are shutting their doors as we speak and the spiral is growing more and more rapid. I have a great friend who works for Monster (the job placement site.) I refuse to use their name because it’s unimportant. The fact(s) are this. They see the market on a daily basis. They realize that job placement has dropped almost 85 percent in the last two years. Sometimes, they fear they may not have a job themselves. Tell me how the market got SO BAD, the people who PLACE U.S. in jobs are LOSING THEIR JOBS. Unacceptable!

More adults are moving home with their parents, again. Wives are working two and three jobs to support families. Is it more difficult for men to get jobs? I believe so. Men aren’t hired to be Administrative Assistants. Men aren’t hired for promotional positions (as much). In a market where every person is clawing, fighting and improving their resumes (for the same jobs), many, many people are left to wait and hope.  The Democrats and Republicans seem to have no agreements on any issues; let alone the American People. It’s one of those situations that is going to continue to worsen before we see greater moments.


“When one door closes another door opens itself. It’s your job to notice, pay attention and walk through the door.”

Wall StreetLook people. Whatever job, opportunity and position you are currently chasing is the ultimate “crap shoot.” There are no guarantees in the Job Market EVER. Today and in the upcoming future is going to be no different. I SAY, choose YOUR future. Create YOUR path and wait for NO ONE to plant your creative concept. There’s something you desire to do. There’s a goal and/or aspiration you wish you could attain. WELL, ATTAIN IT! Achieve it, Dream it and more importantly. B. IT!!

“No risk, No reward” is an script tattooed on a friend of mines’ shoulder. Although it’s only four simple words, it expresses such a deep and well stated TRUTH. NO RISK. NO REWARD. Please do not allow yourselves to fall victim to the Rat Race anymore. Instead of attempting to work as a Brand Ambassador, create YOUR OWN ring of Brand Ambassador(s). Instead of spending your every minute teaching in a class room, expand your BRAND and become a Principal, Public Speaker, Coach, Etc…

Take this entry for what you will. I mean at the end of the day, I’m a lyricist who spends every waking minute (and most sleep moments as well) chasing, dreaming, following and attaining the ultimate goal of SELLING OUT NATIONWIDE ARENA. I accidentally spent a moment last night on the Stage @ Schottenstein Arena. Kings of Leon performed there and my good friend, Jake (the head of Security for Kings of Leon), brought me in the Stadium, walked me on stage and said “this is your future, homie.” I didn’t see that happening (last night), but I DEFINITELY visualize it so often, it’s INEVITABLE.

Quick summary of something i like to call INEVITABLE DESTINY! Believe you can do whatever you want (because you can), act as it you do it EVERYDAY (because you do) and put yourself in the correct places/spots to attain PERFECTION (and you will). GOOD LUCK TO YOU on your choices and aspirations, people. Stop waiting for the Job Market. Create YOUR job market. ALL HAIL.


“it’s time for me to go and see the world so my eyes can stretch.-B.YONEST


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B.YONEST NEWZ, B.YONEST NEWZ.. Upsets, Blow-Outs and the Lions.

This is why we play the games. Football, boxing and other sports are so imperative to the livelihood of many individuals all over the World. The opportunity for an underdog to upset a favorite (David vs Goliath) is the reason we are so captivated by Sport. Thus, I bring you the SPORTS Weekend Round-Up.

uscLET’S START with the USC Trojans Football team, shall we. September 12, they go into Columbus, Ohio and pull a win out of their ass*s. I give it to them. Great last drive to win the game 18-15. What happened the next week. They blow it and LOSE to Washington. It’s the most ridiculous shiz EVER. They continuously shoot themselves in the foot and lose a game they have NO BUSINESS losing. Pete Carroll has to be nauseated as he watches film. His athletes could compete against some NFL teams, but they play to the level of their competition WAY too much. Go Huskies.

byuBrigham Young University Football believed to be on the fast track to a BCS opportunity as well. They planned on coasting to an undefeated season on their way to a guaranteed BCS Birth. Then they played Florida State Saturday and realized “immediately” that PROBABLY wasn’t going to be the way. Florida State looked faster, better, BLACKER, meaner and beat the living sh*t out of the Mormons’ 54-28. I mean no racist or religious disrespect by that comment, but they did whip they ass*s. UPSET? I don’ think so because Florida State is good and B.Y.U. is not he 7th best team in the Country. Florida State and Coach Bowden are lookin good!

Floyd “Money” Mayweather. Enough Said. 40-0. Never lost a fight. Not even close. The man came out of retirement (hasn’t fought since 2007) and won EVERY round Saturday night in Las Vegas. He looked like he went sparring practice, took a shower and hit the club. I’ve never seen speed like this in my life. It was “Matrix Reloaded” type sh*t. Well done, “Money.”  (click his name to read MORE.)

newyorkjetsThe New York Jets. No, NOT The New England Patriots, but this is a shout out to the New York Jets. First and foremost, I hate the f*cking Patriots. I’m from Indianapolis, In thus I’m a Colts fan, bitches. To watch the Jets guarantee a win, talk all that trash and BACK IT UP with a 16-9 victory was amazing. Brady, Moss and that offense didn’t score a touchdown. First time since 2006. The defense is looking old, Brady looks nervous and the Jets are undefeated and leading the division. Go J-E-T-S!!

detroit-lionsKurt Warner and Brett Favre proved again to be ageless and forever existing this weekend. Warner completed 24 out of 26 passes n his way to a victory. His 92 percent complete rating was the highest ever passing Vinny Testaverde’s former record while he was a Cleveland Brown. Favre completed 23 out of 27 passes on his way to a win over the Detroit Lions.

Poor Detroit Lions. They have not won a football game since 2007. They are 0 for their last 19. The only team worse is the Tampa Bucaneers who lost 28 in a row. Geesh. In other News, The New York Giants beat the Cowboys, The Cincinnati Bengals go into Lambeau Field and upset the Green Bay Packers and how did the Chicago Bears beat the Pittsburgh Steelers. I’m a have to talk to Dom P. about this one. #HOLLAWONIMO.




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Picture 22


Barbara Padilla, Drew Stevyns, Fab Five, Grandma Lee, Hairo Torres, Kevin Skinner, Lawrence Beamen, Recycled Percussion, The Texas Tenors, The Voices of Glory

AND THEN THERE WAS  FIVE: The Voices of Glory, The Texas Tenors, Kevin Skinner,, Recycled Percussion, Barbara Padilla

  • 5th – The Voices of Glory
  • 4th – The Texas Tenors
  • 3rd – Recycled Percussion
  • 2nd – Barbara Padilla



Picture 19

Kevin Skinner is a singer/songwriter born and raised in Kentucky, where country is a way of life. He picked up the guitar at 12 and has never put it down. Kevin quickly realized that conveying his feelings through his songs was a very special gift. Music is a powerful potion that Kevin loves to share. He said that winning “America’s Got Talent” would be a great gift, but just being a part of the show is something that he will never forget.


To get a sneek peek of the 2010 WINNER (click here)


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College Gameday. Lee Corso, Kirk Herbstreit and the Home Depot team are back. It’s September 4th, the summer is damn near over (and so is baseball) and COLLEGE FOOTBALL IS BACK..

The season starts off tonight with Boise State hosting Oregon. Last year Oregon lost to Boise State and they are looking to avenge the loss. On the flip side of things, Boise State is on their way to a phenomenal season. If they defeat the Oregon Ducks, they face the opportunity to have an undefeated season. Will they make the BCS National Championship “IF” they find a way to go undefeated. ABBZOLUTELY NOT.

This season has the Florida Gators receiving 58 of the 60 first place votes. They are a sure favorite to participate in the National Championship Game (hosted in Pasadena, Ca) but there’s like 22 teams who believe they are going to a game that two teams actually make. Texas returns Colt McCoy, Oklahoma returns Sam Bradford, Ohio State has Terrell Pryor and Alabama is STACKED. USC has a freshman quarterback, but they’re picked to start right where they left off.

In a day where one loss can mean the difference between the National Championship and playing for the Blockbuster Box Bowl, EVERY GAME stands for something. That’s why “college football” is so exciting. The lights go on in less than three hours and Football is B.A.C.K. I hope you are all as excited as I am about this venture. DID I MENTION College Football is B.A.C.K?? #HOLLAWONIMO