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FACEBOOK releases @MENTION feature and it’s better then TWITTER’s

Posted in B.YONEST with tags , , , , on September 14, 2009 by invazion

facebookGo ahead type in @ into your status update on Facebook and begin typing someones’ name (you will see what I mean) – within a few letters you will find the friend you are looking for.  As you send off your message, a notification will be sent to that person or person(s) that you mentioned (@name) telling them, they have been tagged in appropriate msg.

Why is this @ MENTION feature better then TWITTER’s?

1.  Well because it gives you all the names that have those letters associated with it AUTOMATICALLY. This helps you find your friends easily (with a drop down menu) without having to remember their profile name, like Twitter.

2.  Oh and another reason is when you look at other user’s status updates that include the use of “@” the names are clickable. They all can be clicked, which sends users to the respective person/fan pages of each.

I am definitely not TWITTER-HATIN – we use TWITTER daily for all sorts of things… communication, brand-messaging, staying in touch, finding people, ranting etc…

We have so many “Followerz” that are not FaceBook “Friends/Fanz” and so many “Friends/Fanz” on Facebook who do not have Twitter accounts.

Become a “Friend/Fan” on Facebook Picture 12

Follow on Twitter Picture 11

When will Twitter and Facebook become one? Oh wait, why would they?  Twitter is the same thing as Facebook, but its only one feature of it.  Twitter is only one feature and Facebook has many including pictures, videos, links etc.  Facebook already has Twitter incorporated into it.

I heard rumors of them merging together…but why?  Twitter and Facebook both have incredible BRAND names for themselves.  Twitter serves it’s purpose and so does Facebook – what are those?  I’ll leave that up to each of you to decide for yourselves.

Enjoy the new @MENTION FEATURE for Facebook.  I know we will!!!