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Floyd Mayweather: Greatest of ALL Time?

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B.YONEST “Sports” NEWZ: I mean, look at the MANS resume!!! Mayweather

I’m not the greatest fan of boxing nor am I the most versed on the Champions of yesteryear, but I will say almost none (if any) of them are UNDEFEATED. Never losing is an unbelievable feat to accomplish on any level at ANY sport. An undefeated football team that goes on to win the State, National or World Championship is astonishing. Look @ the 1972 Miami Dolphins, for instance. They completed the task of finishing the season 17-0 and are STILL the only NFL team to finish the season undefeated. Fast forward 28 years and let’s talk about Floyd “Money” Mayweather.

41-0 as a boxer is unfathomable. Mayweather has changed classes, he’s switched his style and last night he faced one of his toughest tasks to date. You can only defeat the people you play and/or fight. Mayweather has defeated them ALL. 41-0. “Sugar” Shane Mosley looked uncomfortable, nervous and in disarray for most of the fight. In the 2nd round (as most of you know), he caught Mayweather w/ TWO severe punches that rocked his world. Mayweather’s knees buckled and it looked like he was going to his the mat for his first time, but it seemed to fuel and energize Mayweather in later rounds. I believe Mayweather won every round after the 2nd. That’s saying somethin’ right there.

Mayweather was facing unfamiliar territory and found a way to regroup, bounce back and take COMPLETE control of the fight AFTER a round that left him looking “beatable..” I was hoping for a knockout, but the fight didn’t “necessarily” let me down. I wasn’t expecting a knockout unless Mosley was to be victorious. I don’t know if I think Mayweather has “knockout” power. He’s strategic, smart and the fastest handed human I’ve seen. His “stick and duck” method caught Mosley off guard time and time again. Whoever is next to step in the ring w/ Floyd better be ready. “Money” Mayweather looks just as good as expected. What’s left for Mosley? Time will tell, but last night answered an extensive amount of questions for me. Mayweather is a top fighter of ANY class. Is he one of the greatest OF ALL TIME? How can you argue with PERFECTION?



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B.YONEST NEWZ, B.YONEST NEWZ.. Upsets, Blow-Outs and the Lions.

This is why we play the games. Football, boxing and other sports are so imperative to the livelihood of many individuals all over the World. The opportunity for an underdog to upset a favorite (David vs Goliath) is the reason we are so captivated by Sport. Thus, I bring you the SPORTS Weekend Round-Up.

uscLET’S START with the USC Trojans Football team, shall we. September 12, they go into Columbus, Ohio and pull a win out of their ass*s. I give it to them. Great last drive to win the game 18-15. What happened the next week. They blow it and LOSE to Washington. It’s the most ridiculous shiz EVER. They continuously shoot themselves in the foot and lose a game they have NO BUSINESS losing. Pete Carroll has to be nauseated as he watches film. His athletes could compete against some NFL teams, but they play to the level of their competition WAY too much. Go Huskies.

byuBrigham Young University Football believed to be on the fast track to a BCS opportunity as well. They planned on coasting to an undefeated season on their way to a guaranteed BCS Birth. Then they played Florida State Saturday and realized “immediately” that PROBABLY wasn’t going to be the way. Florida State looked faster, better, BLACKER, meaner and beat the living sh*t out of the Mormons’ 54-28. I mean no racist or religious disrespect by that comment, but they did whip they ass*s. UPSET? I don’ think so because Florida State is good and B.Y.U. is not he 7th best team in the Country. Florida State and Coach Bowden are lookin good!

Floyd “Money” Mayweather. Enough Said. 40-0. Never lost a fight. Not even close. The man came out of retirement (hasn’t fought since 2007) and won EVERY round Saturday night in Las Vegas. He looked like he went sparring practice, took a shower and hit the club. I’ve never seen speed like this in my life. It was “Matrix Reloaded” type sh*t. Well done, “Money.”  (click his name to read MORE.)

newyorkjetsThe New York Jets. No, NOT The New England Patriots, but this is a shout out to the New York Jets. First and foremost, I hate the f*cking Patriots. I’m from Indianapolis, In thus I’m a Colts fan, bitches. To watch the Jets guarantee a win, talk all that trash and BACK IT UP with a 16-9 victory was amazing. Brady, Moss and that offense didn’t score a touchdown. First time since 2006. The defense is looking old, Brady looks nervous and the Jets are undefeated and leading the division. Go J-E-T-S!!

detroit-lionsKurt Warner and Brett Favre proved again to be ageless and forever existing this weekend. Warner completed 24 out of 26 passes n his way to a victory. His 92 percent complete rating was the highest ever passing Vinny Testaverde’s former record while he was a Cleveland Brown. Favre completed 23 out of 27 passes on his way to a win over the Detroit Lions.

Poor Detroit Lions. They have not won a football game since 2007. They are 0 for their last 19. The only team worse is the Tampa Bucaneers who lost 28 in a row. Geesh. In other News, The New York Giants beat the Cowboys, The Cincinnati Bengals go into Lambeau Field and upset the Green Bay Packers and how did the Chicago Bears beat the Pittsburgh Steelers. I’m a have to talk to Dom P. about this one. #HOLLAWONIMO.