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Jennifer Aniston vs. Halle Berry: What is the problem, ladies?

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B.YONEST “Gossip” NEWZ: I mean B.YONEST. What is it about them?

When you think of Halle Berry what comes to mind? You visualize the perfect caramel skin. You see her amazing scene in “Swordfish” and “Monsters Ball” where she’s showing her breasts and having a sexual partaking with “Billy Bob.” No that’s not what you see. Well, that’s just me then. Either way, you see a gorgeous fixture of a woman, a movie star with Awards “up the arse.” What is Halle missing? Let’s talk Jennifer, now.

Jennifer Aniston; One of the most famous women in movies and television. She’s in the “Running Hollywood” section of Los Angeles, California. She gets paid an extensively disgusting amount of dinero to make a movie. Every time she’s on the front cover of a Magazine, they sell like four billion more copies than normal. It’s crazy. She’s gorgeous. The older she gets the younger she looks. Perfection, but she’s missing the same thing Halle’s missing. A MAN.

It blows my mind, people. Neither one of them can keep a man for longer than a couple/few years. Maybe they get bored and want a new man, but it seems that they are the dumpee.. Not the dumper. Halle had baseball players, singers, actors and all in between. After six attempts, she’s in her mid 40’s, gorgeous as ever and walking the beach with her daughter. Does she have too much power thus making her intimidating to men? Does her fame demand too much attention from other men making her “men” insecure.. OR is Halle Berry CRAZY? She is a black girl from Cleveland. I’m just sayin. Anything is possible, right?

Jennifer has to be NUTZO as GUSTO too, huh? That woman has been through John Mayer, Brad Pitt, Brad Pitt’s cousin (just a joke for comedic purposes) and a few more white dudes on the Hollywood Scene. Why can’t she keep a man? Again, it has to be pretty tough to walk hand in hand with Jennifer Aniston, right? Hell to the NAW. You don’t pay for sh*t. You get you “red carpet” on @ Award Shows you aren’t even invited to. What’s wrong with being her man. I’d do it. I’d let my manager do it, fuck it. I can’t figure out why Jennifer Aniston and Halle Berry can’t keep a man, but Nicole Ritchey and Ashlee Simpson can. Let’s talk about it.