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B.YONEST “Sports” NEWZ: Super Bowl Week

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B.YONEST NEWZ.. What a week to be a Colts Fan. Don’t You Agree?

Six Days from now is the last NFL Football game of the Year. The Super Bowl is upon us and it features the top seeds from the NFC and AFC. The New Orleans Saints vs. The Indianapolis Colts. True Story! I don’t care if you like either team. This game is guaranteed to be packed with an immense amount of offense, big plays and of course, Peyton Manning.

Let’s not get it twisted, people. I’m a Colts fan (for sure), but I respect the Saints Football Organization. They are playing with an extreme amount of love and weight on their shoulders. They (literally) have a City on their side. And if all that fails, they got Lil Wayne. Real talk, this Sunday is going to be special. I just hope all of you are as excited as I am. LET’S GO COLTS..


Sidenote: Dwight Freeney really may not play in this damn game. I think he’s going to get a shot or twelve and play in that game. Man, you can rest for six months starting Monday morning, player.

B.YONEST “Sportz” Newz: AFC Championship: Indianapolis Colts Win

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B.YONEST NEWZ.. Peyton Manning to return to Miami for Super Bowl

I placed a guarantee label on the Indianapolis Colts Friday evening. That’s not something I (usually) do, but it seemed that this situation called for it. I was sick and tired of hearing every commentator (common hater) tell me the Jets were going to beat them. Out of (somewhat) anger, excitement and discouragement I guaranteed a “Colts” Victory. Sure enough, they (The Colts) did not let me down. Indianapolis took care of business in the second half and beat The New York Jets 30-17 to win the AFC Championship.

Most of you would have thought Dallas Clark and Reggie Wayne would be the reason for The Colts passing advantage. If I told you they were going to catch 7 balls total, you would’ve guaranteed a “Jets” victory. Well, Austin Collie and Pierre Garcon took care of serious business. Both men caught touchdown passes in critical times. Garcon and Collie give people like me hope for the future of the Indianapolis Colts. I think (after Peyton wins this Super Bowl) the Colts have chances to return to many, many more playoff games and/or AFC Championships. ALL HAIL!


B.YONEST “Sports” Newz: I LOVE the COLTS

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B.YONEST NEWZ.. Say what you will.. I’m a COLTS FAN! Let’s GO!

I’m sick of watching all of these people on television tell me the New York Jets are going to beat the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday. GET REAL!! Yeah, I said it. Get real. You want a guarantee? Fine. I guarantee the Indianapolis Colts beat the New York Jets. Who the hell wants to see the Jets play the Saints or Vikings in the Super Bowl? The Colts vs. The Vikings? Yes. The Saints vs. the Colts? Yes. I’m just sayin. I guarantee a victory on Sunday. Shut up SportsCenter. Eff You, commentators. I can’t wait until Sunday.


B.YONEST “Sports” NEWZ: Weekend Sports Round-Up

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B.YONEST NEWZ. Heisman, B.J. Penn, The Colts and The Saints…

This BJ Penn dude is an effin monster. I mean dude hasn’t lost a UFC fight in eight years? I mean who goes undefeated for eight years. Last Night, he beat the Abbzolute sh*t out of Diego Sanchez (a top three contender in the lightweight class) and it seems that there are “true” competitors for Penn, period. The fight did last five rounds (and ended in a TKO), but it was over as soon as it starter. BJ Penn let off a disgusting fury in the first round that would about kill normal people, but Sanchez took it for 3 1/2 more rounds. BJ Penn is a mu f*ckin b.e.a.s.t. PERIOD.

Moving on, the New Orleans Saints are STILL unde”f*ckin”feated. The Atlanta Falcons gave them all they could handle, but the Saints pulled a 26-23 win. You have to respect the undefeated. You just do. Offense, Defense and Special Teams.. They have all three phases covered and they don’t seem to be slowing down, but then there’s the Indianapolis Colts. That’s right MY Indianapolis Colts.

Peyton Manning threw three interceptions and won for the first time in his Hall of Fame career. They had some issues, but defeated The Denver Broncos 28-16 to extend their record to 13-0. Did I mention they’ve won 22 games in a row, which is an NFL record (surpassing the w*ck ass New England Patriots 21 game winning streak). A bunch of new starters, rookies and no names, but they are doing the job and 13-0 is a record to respect, PERIOD.

Mark Ingram, running back of The Alabama Crimson Tide, won The Heisman Trophy. He beat Colt McCoy, Tim Tebow and others to become the first Heisman recipient from The University of Alabama. He spoke kindly of everyone from his mother to the teachers at The University. He gave praise to the other contenders and cried his ass off, truthfully. I give the man a great deal of respect. He earned that Award. He’s in a league of unbelievable athletes and no on can take that Award from him. Congratulations to you, Mark Ingram. That’s the sports round-up for now. More news to come later.


DAMN, it feels GOOD to be a COLTS FAN!!

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Say what you will and want, haters. The Indianapolis Colts are 11-0, undefeated and still pushin on. They have won 11 games seven seasons in a row and seem primed to go and successfully win an AFC Championship (worse case scenario).  They officially won the AFC South and clinched a playoff spot against the Houston Texans, today winning 35-27. I know what most of you are thinking. We don’t give a sh*t. Well, I’m born and raised in Indianapolis SO I DO GIVE A Sh*t. Go Colts. Go Colts. Go Colts.

Next week, we take on the Tennessee Titans. Serious threat. Vince Young is winning games, period. He and the Titans just beat Arizona on a 99 yard drive and such. Watch out for the Tennessee Titans, people. They are a sincere threat for today, tomorrow and the forseeable future. With that said, who gives a sh*t. Go Colts.



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B.YONEST NEWZ: Indianapolis Colts vs New Orleans Saints. 2 L.E.F.T.

nfl_manning_brees1_203If you asked me who the best team in the NFL was yesterday @ 2pm, I’d say the New Orleans Saints. Ask me that exact question at 10am today and my answer may differ. There’s no question that The New Orleans Saints have more weapons than United States Armed Forces and a significantly stifling defense. They are undefeated and leading the NFC with a 9-0 record. The Indianapolis Colts came back last night and squeaked out a victory against The New England Patriots. The question remains.. Who is the better undefeated team?

colts.saints.manningThe chances of seeing these two against one another is damn near impossible. Two turf teams, who rely mostly on their offense doing “enough” to win games, don’t win Championships. The Pittsburgh Steelers, Cincinnati Bengals, Minnesota Vikings and a few others are extremely hungry to prove they are GREAT. The Steelers are the defending Champions and always get better towards the end of the season. There’s a LOT of football to play, people, but who is the better undefeated team?

The next four weeks are going to pivotal to the seed(s) of both Conferences. New Orleans is going to have to keep winning to stay ahead of the (8-1) Minnesota Vikings whose sole loss came to The Pittsburgh Steelers, an AFC team. The Colts have a two game lead on The Cincinnati Bengals and a three game lead on a large group of other teams. One thing I do know for sure?? The last undefeated team has went to the Super Bowl the last four seasons. I’m just sayin’. They may not be winning pretty, The Saints and The Colts, but they winnin’.



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Two Teams remain undefeated. The Indianapolis Colts and The New Orleans Saints. Who’s the Better Team and who will remain undefeated longer?? Article HERE!!

B.YONEST “NFL” NEWZ… 3 in the NFC. 2 in the AFC! Who’s the BEST??

nflWe are officially into Football Season. The smell of Fall air and the chill of a Saturday and/or Sunday Gameday awakens me every weekend with excitement. I’m a football enthusiast. College football. High School Football. Madden on  X BOX. Whatever I love football. With that said, the NFL season has so many intriguing stories to discuss, it’s AMAZING. The Cincinnati Bengals are 4-1. The Tennessee Titans are 0-5, coming off a 13-3 season. Mike Singletary seems to have The San Francisco 49ers believing they can win and the Redskins and Rams still SUCK. Today, we discuss the UNDEFEATEDs’

vikings-logoThe Minnesota Vikings brought Brett Favre in for one thing and one thing only. Maybe two things. GO TO THE SUPER BOWL and beat the sh*t out of The Green Bay Packers (twice) along the way. They have a stellar defense, a great running back in Adrian Peterson and Brett Favre’s job is game control, maintenance and just be BRETT FAVRE. He walked into the locker room (day one), made friends and has done nothing, but bring a winning lifestyle into that organization. The Vikings are 5-0 and looking great. They faced the 49ers a couple weeks ago and won on a last second 50-yard bullet from Favre. They blow out teams they should and they look great. Are they the BEST?

910Drew Brees and his New Orleans Saints are runnin’ sh*t in the South Region of the U.S. Brees is throwin’ touchdowns to every person on the field, it seems. The man seems on a mission and anyone standing, running or defending in his way is just getting embarrassed. Reggie Bush is healthy, the wide receivers are doing what they are supposed to and the defense is playing “good enough” to win games. Do I think they are the Best Undefeated team? NO, but I do believe they have the potential to get better and you never know what can happened when you quarterback, some explosive players on both sides of the ball and a belief system that you can do ANYTHING. Get ’em Saints.

New_York_Giants_helmet_rightfaceThe New York Giants are SERIOUS y’all. I mean serious. Who the hell knew that Eli Manning would be the 3rd or 4th best quarterback in the NFL, period. I said PERIOD. The man completely gets it. Tom Coughlin, who the Giants almost fired 2 years ago, has them boys playing at the highest level. Wide Receiver Steve Smith is gettin’ bizzy. Their Defensive Line… FORGET ABOUT IT! Running back tandom is spectacular and these boys WIN ON THE ROAD. I mean WIN ON THE ROAD. I think I will honestly say the Giants are the best undefeated team in the…. NFC!!

ColtsHelmetThe “MY” Indianapolis Colts. Where do I begin on the Colts. This is, in my opinion the Best Undefeated Team. I musn’t lie. Maybe because I was born and raised in Indianapolis. Maybe because I’ve been a Colts fan since as long as I can remember. MAYBE? With that said, the Colts are clicking on all cylinders.  Peyton Manning is healthy, he had a complete Training Camp and extra time with his WHOLE receiver core and it shows. Manning has thrown for 300 yards in the 1st 5 games this season. Nuff Said. The Defense is playing better, blitzing more and Bob Sanders is STILL on the sidelines. New coach, same philosophies. UNDEAFEATED. Go Colts.

456The Surprise undefeated team and the story of the season is The Denver Broncos. New coach, Josh McDaniels, new quarterback Kyle Orton, Brandon Marshall’s crazy ass playing like the best wide receiver in the NFL (which he may be) and the Broncos are “ballin.” I mean ballin. They defense is bananas, man. They got Champ Bailey and Brian Dawkins. What kinda sh*t is that? That’s like Ron Artest going to the Los Angeles Lakers. That’s not fair, sh*t. They may not stay undefeated for long, but they are undefeated today FRESH off a win over The New England Patriots. I was the biggest doubter of them at the beginning of the season, but TODAY I stand before you and say The Denver Broncos are “serious.” For Real? I don’t know, but “serious.”

The BEST team in the NFL may not be an undefeated team at all, but that wasn’t the topic of conversation, today. Feel free to add you two cents in and let me know who you think is the best team in the NFL. A couple things we do know. It’s not The Cleveland Browns (who won 6-3 yesterday). We know Terrell Owens aint doing shit for The Buffalo Bills and The Rams and Redskins still SUCK. Thanks for reading and GO COLTS. ALL HAIL.