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Kate Plus 8: WTF?

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B.YONEST “Gossip” NEWZ: Go Away, Gosselins. Far, Far Away…..

Is this serious? Are they really about to give Kate “The Snake” Gosselin her own television show again? Well, not just her. They took the Jon off and added her eight children and now the show is.. “Kate Plus 8.” How f*ckin stupid. Pardon my french. She failed on DWTS because she’s “WT,” her marriage failed (because she is just as much a cheater as her husband), but for some reason “AMERICA” likes this bimbo. She’s not a Celebrity and she’s famous for ABBZolutely NOTHING.. NOTHING. If there’s one thing that I hate, it’s people who are famous for NO reason and act as if they deserve the fame. PLEASE go away you Heidi, Spencer, New Jersey Shore, Omarosa, George W. Bush (oh yeah he cheated his way into Presidency, huh), Kate Gosselin actin’ ass idiots. Go FAR, FAR AWAY.


Kate Gosselin: What are you famous for?

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B.YONEST “Entertainment” NEWZ: I don’t want her to die.. Just GO AWAY!

I know, I know. ANONYMOUZ is this mean person who picks on Celebrities and I should be ashamed of myself. Well, if you’re a “Celebrity” then I don’t pick on you as much. The people who don’t work hard and gain stardom for being a Ra-Tard drive me to INSANITY Hence, Kate Gosselin.Can someone; ANYONE tell me what she’s good @? One thing! I’ll take a small infraction of a thing, even. What is Kate Gosselin good @ and if it not been for her ELEVENDEIGHT children, what would she deserve to be on television for?

She sucks @ everything. I know I don’t know her, but the World has put her in front of us so much that I feel like I do and what I know of her sucks. Dancing, parenting, marriage, etc. Kate Gosselin go away. I hope someone cuts her a check for like 500,000 thousand dollars and the “Pay to the Order of” section states… Kate Gosselin (Go Away Check..) Seriously, vote her off DWTS and put her in a shelter. I’m done.


Dancing With the Stars: Season Premiere

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B.YONEST “Entertainment” NEWZ: Pussycat Doll, Pamela Anderson and Kate Gosselin…

Normally, I don’t allow myself to become fascinated by Reality Television. I attempt to act as if I’m not “star struck” easily and I don’t have the desire to surrounded by Celebrities constantly. Well, both of those are abbzolutely false. I love Celebs and can’t wait to be in a room/building getting my kick it on with the Big Timers.

Chad “Ocho Cinco” Johnson; I love the dude. Pamela Anderson; Why the hell would I not wanna watch her on Television shaking her “groove thing.” Kate “Freakin” Gosselin; Ra-Tard! She’s a terrible dancer, but that’s not the point. The fact that she had the “balls” (does she have balls) to walk out there knowing she was terrible is enough to make me watch next week.

This Season of Dancing With the Stars will probably be packed full of Entertainment and Comedic experiences. I don’t want to admit that I’m excited for next week, but (damn it) I am. Nicole Scherzinger (of the Pussycat Dolls) seems to be the clear cut favorite. I don’t know any of the “Dancers” names, but I will before my next blog post on this ridiculous madness. Like I find myself entertained by DWTS. Yep, I’m a definite Entertainment blogger, huh?


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B.YONEST NEWZ.. Series Finale is coming and hopefully they will GO AWAY…

Thank You, Jesus. I’m not much of a prayer, either but Jon and Kate are finally going away. Let me rephrase that statement. t\Their free television exposure and Series Finale of  Jon and Kate Plus” is coming. I wont bore you with all the corny details of their lives (you already know about). The sole purpose of this article was to inform you those idiots are finally on their way to a “finale.” HOLLAWONIMO


B.YONEST NEWZ: Jon and Kate still Suck

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B.YONEST NEWZ.. The Gosselin’s are more ridiculous than EVER…

Jon is becoming fatter by the day. Kate is still one of the most annoying individuals on television and they children are still getting exploited for money. Basically the Gosselin’s are annoyingly worse. Jon is kicking it at weddings, getting drunk and saying random things. Kate continues to diss her “soon to be” ex-husband about his extra marital affairs (as if she didn’t have any) and their fame continues to grow even though they COMPLETELY suck as people.

I don’t wish death or injury to anyone. I don’t really want Ryan Seacrest to fall in an alligator pit and I don’t hope Khloe and Lamar’s wedding was a joke. With that said, if Jon and Kate fell in an alligator pit and got their faces eaten off, I wouldn’t be dissatisfied. They are almost as annoying as Heidi and Spencer’s retarded asses. LIKE, HOW DO YOU stupid f*cks become famous.?? AAGGHHH! I’m sure I’ll have some more “Gosselin” news soon enough. I just wanted you all to know, I hate those people..


Sidenote: Jon Gosselin decided to sue TLC for child labor laws. Explain to me how this is TLC’s fault. These idiots are out to make as much money as possible before their fame runs out. They are suing TLC, they are doing public outings and entertaining the paparazzi on a daily basis. Jon claims to “hate the fame” but the fat bastard won’t go away.. Geeeeesh!!!


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B.YONEST NEWZ.. Jon and Kate Plus 8 gets the SNIP!

jon_and_kate_gosselinIt’s official WORLD. Jon and Kate Plus 8 got cut by TLC. I can only imagine, the divorce, speculations of cheating, children being exploited for money, plastic surgeries, parties in Las Vegas, fights, scuffles and arguments over who stole who’s money and such isn’t “exactly” what TLC had in mind when they signed these idiots to a contract. Well the contract ends in November and so does the crazy ride of the “Jon and Kate” saga. WELL, it won’t be over, BUT they won’t be on THAT channel anymore.. F*CKIN’ IDIOTZ. MORE SOON!

ANONYMOUZ (for more JON and KATE.. click HERE…)


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abc_kate_gosselin_090521_mnI watched Kate Gosselin on the Today Show this morning claiming that Jon Gosselin took 230,000 dollars from the family. She said she has a purse full of unpaid bills because Jon took the money and ran. PLEASE Kate. Don’t act as if you haven’t done a single thing wrong. She gave an interview and all she talked about was the things Jon did incorrectly and how much MONEY he has taken from her and the family.

“I’m a contract honorer,” she said. What the f*ck is a contract honorer. Both of these idiots need to come out and say.. “we let the fame get to our heads. We had no idea it would turn into this and we’re sorry. We’re going to take our show and bounce.” Instead, Kate and Jon still thrive for fame. Jon acts like it’s not important to him. PLEASE, fag. You eat this shit up and your wife is all fucked up in the fame as well. Get a life and take care of your babies’. Remember them??


Jon Gosselin is kickin’ it. Girls, Premieres, Television Interviews.. Kickin’ It. He has a new woman like every twelve seconds and he doesn’t have to put up w/ Kates’ stupid ass anymore.. I say good for him. Get laid. Meet up with David Letterman and GET IT ON together.. Interns and all.. I applaud the player, Jon G. Moving On!

Does Jon feel left out or is he doing it for the kids? No one really knows. The facts are the children are stuck in the middle of a torrential relationship crumble. Not only in the middle, but in the middle and in the Public Eye. Kate is famous and continues to desire success. Jon feels left out and refuses to sign divorce papers. Man OH man. This is going to get A LOT worse before it EVER gets better. Stay tuned, Readers. ALL HAIL.. – INVAZION!

Lawyers, affairs and a sabotaged family is all that’s left. The relationship and family America fell in love with is a conglomerate of argument and anger. Lying, bad mouthing and all that fun stuff we are entertained by. As long as the kids are ok, we all wanna see this drag out and get as miserable as possible. Don’t act like you don’t. This is the best way this could’ve ended. No one wanted to see them fade off into the sunset. We want arguing, fighting, sex scandals and all that shit.. Thanks Gosselins’


B.YONEST NEWZ.. Jon Gosselin dished the DIRT..

Tonight, Jon Gosselin interviewed on ABC. His first interview by himself since the relationship began. He was able to deliver his side. All the speculation with women, all the behind scenes issues we would never know and some serious dirt. Although I don’t give two shits on the issue, YOU ALL DO. They made 8 babies and received a television show. Before you knew it, they hated one another on national television. He said his wife Kate Gosselin was C.R.A.Z.Y. (in so many words.)

“She was so abusive verbally. I changed for her because I loved her. She held the kids over my head and made me separate from my family,” he said. Jon expressed his side and he was outspoken and “honest” so it seemed.

“I can’t sit on the couch with that woman. She’s not speaking from the heart. Please. The things you say about me behind closed doors should be the things you say to me on television,” Jon expressed to Kate. He even went as far to express he “despised” her. Wow. We have no idea what really went on in their relationship. What we do know is once they decided to divorce/separate, EVERYONE started giving a shit. Let’s not forget the most important virtue of this story. THE EIGHT KIDS.

Were they taken advantage of? Did Kate and Jon use the kids to make money? Well of course they did. They would’ve never received a television show deal if they didn’t have six babies. The children are the most important thing and we ALL need to remember that. Those babies did not ask to come into the world. Those babies did not ask to be presented on a television show. Jon and Kate need to remember it’s not about them, but about THOSE EIGHT BABIES.

Jon said the relationship will never be fixed. Jon claimed he doesn’t wear the ring because Kate took it. Some of this madness I believed and some of it I considered utter bullsh*t. He admits his mistakes and mishaps. The bombshell was his admittance of loving his new girlfriend, Hayley (who happened to be the daughter of Kates’ plastic surgeon doctor.) WHAT A TWIST.

LOOK, I could ramble and scramble about these two money makers, Jon and Kate. the truth, well THE B.YONEST INVAZION truth is this… Jon cheated and beat a few girls cakes. Kate cheated and was bangin’ her bodyguard, Steve, for months. The children are left to suffer and collect whatever dough is left over. Jon is out there collectin’ checks and Kate is doin’ whatever she can to stay in the “lime light.” They still have 20 episodes in their contract and the World is more interested than ever. I THINK THIS WHOLE THING COULD BE  A SPOOF. JON n KATE REUNITE.??