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Lawrence Taylor ARRESTED on rape Suspicion

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B.YONEST “Celebrity” NEWZ: This is a big one Mr. Taylor. UH OH!

Lawrence Taylor has not been officially charged, but has been arrested for raping a 15 year old minor. Let me repeat that. Lawrence taylor, 51, has been arrested on suspicion of raping ┬áminor. The drug charges and such in the past were bad enough, but a possible rape Lawrence? What is the world coming to, for real? I’ve done my fair share of terrible tidings in my day, but this is immaculately ridiculous. Who knows what the outcome is going to be, realistically, but having your name issued w/ a rape charge is NEVER good. NEVER.



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B.YONEST NEWZ: Lawrence Taylor is getting used to THAT uniform.

20081107_lawrence_250x375NFL retiree and one of the greatest defensive players of all time, Lawrence Taylor, was arrested last night in Florida for leaving the scene of an accident that caused damage. He was in Florida (Dade County) and was arrested just before 10pm. He paid his bond and bounced, but damn Lawrence… You stay arrested. Not only that, but you look drunk, high (on cocaine) and blasted out of your mind in your LATEST mug shot. Glassy Eyed and sh*t. I think Lawrence is back on that WOO HOO which is cocaine where I’m from. I don’t think he ever went off the white powder personally. Get it together Lawrence.