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Michael Jackson… and his kids

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B.YONEST “Celebrity” NEWZ: Pardon B.YONEST cofusion, but….

Is it me or are Michael Jackson’s children REALLY, REALLY Caucasian. I know Michael isn’t here to defend himself (and that’s really sad), but LETZ BYONEST shall we… Aint no way in the UNIVERSAL hemisphere those babies are “biologically” his. No way. Blanket is as white as they get and so is the other two.. I don’t know they names and don’t feel like doing the research to find them, but I’m sure there’s a Prince and a Pippy in there or some shit..  Damn those babies are white as shit. The Michael Jackson who had the skin disease is/was darker than that.. I’m highly confused. Maybe it’s because I”m HIGH.. Just kidding.. kinda.


B.YONEST “Gossip” NEWZ: Dr. Conrad Murray is going to JAIL

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B.YONEST NEWZ.. Conrad Murphy is in some serious TROUBLE

I’m not one to gossip.. So you aint heard this from me, but Conrad Murray (you know the doctor who killed Michael Jackson last year) is about to go to JAIL. Rightfully so? That, I can’t answer people. What I can tell you is homie had unmarked police cars pull up to his crib today. His lawyer is utilizing the “no surrender” tactic. It’s getting really REAL out here for homie.

Truth be told, the World and the Jackson Family are NOT going to let this go unpunished. Whether Conrad Murray did kill Michael Jackson or not doesn’t really matter. What matters is Paris’ weird a*s and Blanket’s crazy self are going to be raised by even more weird people than their father. And that’s sayin’ something. Only a couple/few people know if Dr. Murray is a murderer or a sacrificial lamb, but he’s taking the grunt of this punishment…. EITHER WAY.



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First the Fat Boys break up! Now This??

No laughing matter (whatsoever), but I don’t know how else to deal w/ such a sad issue. I know he passed away over a month ago, but Michael Jackson is going to be buried today. His supposed burial scheduled for August 29th (Michaels’ would be 51st Birthday) was pushed back due to a lack of communication between the family. Gladys Knight is scheduled to perform (thank God it’s not Mariah Carey) and I’m sure it’s going to be a star-studded event.

The burial will be held @ Glendale Forest Lawn Memorial park in Los Angeles, California. It’s scheduled to begin @ 7PM Pacific (West Coast Time.) Mr Jackson passed away after suffering cardiac arrest on June 25th. The death was rule a homicide. There have been reports of Michaels’ pain killer addiction surfacing. Apparently, he’d been to rehab a few times and been dealing with his fixation of plastic surgery and pill abuse for years. I’m not here to judge. Only to deliver you the B.YONEST INVAZION NEWZ.

Police officers raided Conrad Murrays’ (Jackson’s doctor) and since decided he was responsible for the passing of Jackson. The night/morning of his death he was given six or more injections and/or pills from 1:30 to 7:30am. There’s been an extensive amount of discussion, arguing and decision making over the Jackson Estate. Personally, I think there’s more important things to worry about LIKE THE FACT THAT MICHAEL JACKSON PASSED AWAY.. CALL ME CRAZY.. ALL HAIL.


Sidenote: I pray that we utilize tomorrow to once again remember the legacy. The family may not be doing the greatest job to represent Michael Jackson, but did they ever. I mean I love Janet and I feel for the family (I REALLY DO), but there’s a reason Michael didn’t put his father in the WILL. I’m just sayin. Let’s not dwell on that though. Let’s celebrate the man, bury him and let him REST HIS NERVES.

Sidenote Part II: I want to thank all of you for enjoying my aritcle(s). The comments are greatly appreciated and we here @ The B.YONEST INVAZION work diligently, day, night and everywhere in between to keep you entertained and informed. Thanks again for your support and #HOLLAWONIMO… RIP, M.J and AM!!


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Today marks the 8th anniversary of the death of Aaliyah. Every year I find myself saddened by the reality. Aaliyah “Baby Girl” Haughton is no more. She was the star I grew up with. I remember Aaliyah from 7th and 8th grade. Listening to Aaliyah “Age Aint Nothin But a Number” and “Are You Somebody” used to make my world spin. She was the first female vocalist I fell in love with and her beauty, talent, charisma and charm still outshine most artists, actors/actresses and entertainers today.

Aaliyah, you are still sincerely missed.  Not just by me and/or your family, but by the many lives you touched in your 22 years of life. God takes people from us when he believes their work here is done. I hate to disagree w/ the maker, but I’M SURE you had work to do still. It breaks my heart to think of the work/art/creativity that passed away with you. We DO ACKNOWLEGDE there is an angel in the sky watching our every move. We breathe, create and will continue to L.I.V.E. for you BABY GIRL. we LOVE YOU AALIYAH H. ALL HAIL!


SIDENOTE: AUGUST 29TH marks the 51st birthday or Michael Jackson. On that day, I truly hope we CELEBRATE the life of a man who touched and inspired EVERY SINGLE HUMAN walking the earth and some passed. It’s amazing to me AALIYAH passed away 8 years ago. It’s just as astonishing to MICHAEL JACKSON is gone. What a crazy thought, huh? No day is promised. Make SURE your heart is filled with love and joy for the next man. ALL HAIL!


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The reports are in and it is indeed a fact, the king of POP, MICHAEL JACKSON has passed away. At 3:15pm (pacific time) Michael Jackson is dead. The most unthinkable, crazy, saddening topic of the day. I wish there were words to say, feelings to express, songs to sing or anything we could do to bring him back. He has been accused of some horrific things, but he is still MICHAEL JACKSON.

Let’s not forget what the man did, people. He is responsible for Thriller, Beat It, Billie Jean, The Jackson 5 and so many other phenomenal things. The Moonwalk, MICHAEL JACKSON. I mean what else is ther to say. Speechless!

I want everyone to take some time to reflect on the life and career of Michael, please. There are some crazy things he’s known for indeed, but let’s take time to focus on the positive side of the LEGEND. Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra… Michael Jackson. Can’t deny it. Can’t debate it. MICHAEL JACKSON. This is one of the blog entries I don’t want to stop writing because it feels like my official farewell. We love you Mr. Jackson. ALL HAIL!!


p.s. for the record.. “Thriller sold 26 MILLION copies. 26 MILLION copies…”


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As the websites, blogs  and television stations were parading for more content, I as well was saddened by the terrible news of Michael Jackson’s death. The facts are he was picked up by paramedics from his home for a cardiac arrest heart attack. The Los Angeles Times reported he was in a coma. REPORTED he was dead. They even blasted twitter updates from other celebrites. We just don’t know what’s going on exactly, but THE WORLD is all concerned. It’s amazing how we are so focused on this topic. It let’s us know Michael Jackson is STILL MICHAEL JACKSON!


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Pop Superstar, Michael Jackson, was rushed to the hospital in Los Angeles, California due to a supposed heart attack he suffered. Apparently Jackson went into cardiac arrest @ his home this afternoon @ 12:21pm. The ambulance picked him up and he was given CPR on the way to the hospital.

Jackson’s mother (along with other family members) met Michael at the hospital and one member stated Michael was “in really bad shape.” Michael’s father spoke to TMZ reporters and stated “Michael is not doing too well.” Michael was due to perform sell-out shows in London O2 Arena starting in July. Rumor has it, those are definitely going to be cancelled though.

There are a ton of things I could say about the karmatix of life, but I will leave that alone for now. I wish Mr. “Touch a Kid” Jackson very well. I hope for his speedy recovery, first and foremost. Secondly, where the hell has he been anyways. Aint nobody seen Michael Jackson since he was holding his “caucasian” baby over the balcony.. I’M JUST SAYIN.. ALL HAIL!