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Okay, so it’s been sometime since we sat down and spoke with B.YONEST. How was the tour? What’s been poppin since he got back to his hometown, Columbus Oh? Rumor has it, he’s been working on a reality series and bloggin his day away. We decided to sit down the the CEO of the B.YONEST ENTERPRIZES “International Brand” and see what’s been poppin. Trust me, he’s not only one of the most busy men in the business, but this attractive, clever young man gives great interviews..

INVAZION: Damn B DOT. Long time, no talk homie. What’s been up with ya?

B DOT: Oh Shit. Where to even begin? Smokin weed, writin’ rhymes tryin to be famous. (as he always says..) I been more busy than anytime we’ve ever sat down homie. LIfe is spectacular, though. Two blogs, four websites, shows through the summer, full-time daddy.. Shit’s major.

INVAZION: Great to hear, B. This is definitely a business where you want to stay busy.

B DOT: Oh yeah, for sure. I love every second of it. Still focused on building the brand and doing great work with Zak, Dominic, Abbz and the rest of the team.

INVAZION: So being back in the “Lum Lum” has been okay for you? You miss the road yet?

B DOT: I missed the road the first day home, homie. I’m utilizing this time to build on the success of the road though. We know how to drive attention to our blogs, sites and shit now. I’m taking this time to write, record and create more mainstream music. Not so much remixes, but just music. Original club bangers and shit. I work harder than ever man and I’m lovin’ it.

INVAZION: Word up, word up. You still utilizing the same producers as before or you branching out and finding new heat makers?

B DOT: I will always utilize the people who got me here. Eyeon of Fly.Union is my homie for life. My homie Seif Al-Din is the dopest, ever. Great ear. On the other hand, I’ve been branching out as well. Eyeon and Seif make great music, but it’s for hip-hop heads. I want that mainstream credibility so I’ve had to make some more glitsy bangers. Track Bangas, Killa K of Times Up Productions and a few others have been blessing me with some new knock. It’s been going really well.

INVAZION: Still recording with the almight Eric “Steezo” Jones? You two seem to have a great relationship on the engineer/producer/emcee side of things.

B DOT: (BLANK STARE, that kind of look that asks “are you fuckin serious?” Of course I’m recording with Eric. Man, that is the best engineer I know, period. Great atmosphere and perfect vibe. More importantly though, he allows me to be me in the booth. He adds input, sound and helps paint the picture of every record. Since “The Silence Iz Broken,” Eric and I have put in great work. If it aint broke… you know the rest.

INVAZION: Hell yeah, Mr. “U CAN GOOGLE ME BITCH.” Tell me this though. Are you always going to be a solo artist? I know, well I dont know, but I heard the same rumors with Black Market as everyone else did. That Mixtape, “2 Sides 2 a Story,” was creating a crazy buzz and wasn’t even out yet. I’m sure you still stung from that, but you ever thought of forming a group again?

B DOT: Not really. I’ve had a band and they hated eachother. I’ve been in a group and he took a gang of dough and bounced so… I don’t think the group thing is for me. Unless it’s 10 girls and myself. Maybe a videographer. I’m straight on the group shit. Fuck a rap partner, fuck a band, fuck a hype man.. lol, naw I’m playin. Kinda. I wont have a group again. Maybe a band I pay for live shows only and I’d love a hype man. I’m actually interviewing them as we speak. Gotta be Hype.! No pun intended.

INVAZION: Can’t nobody keep up with you up there on a stage. You move around, runnin and jumpin and shit. Hype man; you like 5 people up there, yourself.

B DOT: I know, I know. I be tired though. I feel like Big Pun did. Sitting down on the speaker to get a break and shit. The crowd thinks I’m trying to get closer to them. Fuck them, I’m tryin to breathe up there. LMAO.  I say every word of my set. No hype man, No DJ talkin my lines. Nothin. I say every word or it don’t get said. You go stand up in front of 13,000 people, run around on stage with a 3 pound mic in your left hand and rap my whole album. Tell me how you feel.

INVAZION: Well said, player. So now you have the “g rated” blog and the “x rated” blog, huh? You keep up on both of them daily, too. I’ve seen it myself.

B DOT: Yeah, we had to make the G RATED joint. We focus on entertainment, celebrity madness and such, but we had to make the G RATED one. Abbey’s dad was visiting the bad blog. Zak’s mom was visiting the bad blog. I don’t want to portray that image to everyone. We give people the opportunity to read either one they want. I’m a pervert. I like naked girls and naked girls who like naked girls. Therefore, we have both. I can cuss and be an ass face on this blog. Google prefers we not act like that on a blog with their ads on the side. I respect that. (as he chuckles before sipping his Caribou Coffee)

INVAZION: Which blog is for classy ladies with a wild-side like myself?

B DOT: I would tell you to check the G RATED first, then visit the X RATED when you’re feeling frisky. Brace yourself, though babe. I’m a nasty nigga.

INVAZION: I listen to your music, B DOT. We all do here at the office. Speaking of which, are people still telling you, you sound like Slim Shady.

B DOT: Sometimes. Only when they listen to the wordplay and have no idea who else to compare me to. My voice is not that high. No disrespect to Eminem, I love the dude, but my voice isn’t that high. I haven’t listened to “Relapse” yet cuz I know how influential his music can be to me. I’m so selfishly focused on my shit right now so I have stayed away thus far.

INVAZION: Wait, wait, wait. You telling me you haven’t heard the album, yet? Come on B.YONEST, be honest. YOU are going to sit here and tell me you haven’t heard it.

B DOT: I went to Itunes and listened to the 30 second snippets. I went to my homie/promote, Joe’s, and he was bumpin it. Tellin me, “you gotta hear this dude.” I hear “Hello,” went home, downloaded the instrumental and wrote my own. I wouldn’t listen to Em’s version til i wrote mine though. Promise to GOD, I haven’t heard the album. I swear on my anything. I put it on my cock. OH SHIT, I’m fucked up. (as he takes a hit of his blunt aka BLEEDER.)

INVAZION: I love when I get to interview you. These are the best interviews because I never know what you’re going to say. Where do you come up with this madness, B.

B DOT: All on the fly, mama. Are you flirting with me? I’m telling Abbey the sexxy interview chick from “INVAZION” wants to take me out. She’ll probably say some shit like “Let her take you, then. Just make sure you bring her home for us to share. Damn, I love that chick,” he said crackin’ up.

INVAZION: It’s hot in here, geeesh. Moving on, B DOT ANONYMOUZ. What else is going down the INVAZION needs to know. You got six mixtapes done, album is on the Internet, bunch of information on YouTube, your blog sites and such. Any other important news we NEED to know about. I feel like this interview isn’t enough time to get it all.

B DOT: Good that means you gotta come back and see me again, baby. Naw, I don’t really know what else to talk about. We’re workin on just, B.YONEST (a day in the life). Young Wise and I “may” be puttin out a project together. I know he’s so busy it’s nauseating, but we may get it done eventually. That’s about as close to a group as I’ll ever get. I’ve got some shows lined up this month with Rashad and Elevator Music. I’m just doing me. Sittin on twitter, facebook, blogs, writin records, books and projects. Trying hard every single day to push this Brand. B.YONEST!

I wanna take all the shit Zak and I learned last tour and hit the road again after the summer. We have to go back to L.A. Link up with our Videographer’s, Isak and Karate Chris, go back to our Agent, Jason “Ari Gold” Paulino, work with Hans and Grant and push this music with DJ Edski. Los Angeles and Miami loved us the most so it’s time to go back. This next time though, we’re doing it the right way. Stompin at labels with “original records,” stopping every person in the street and handin them a disc, rappin off the truck, etc. You’ll see.

INVAZION: Sounds sexy, B DOT. Thanks so much for the time, man. Again, we love you at the office. We all fought over the interview so I’m stoked I got to do it. You our fav!!

B DOT: You’re welcome, ma. You know me, same ol’ B DOT! Thanks for stoppin through the crib. Sorry I couldnt drive to you. This stupid ass foot. (B.YONEST did this whole inerview with his foot propped up due to plantar fasciitis. What a dude) Next time, we’ll do the interview on top of the truck, real INVAZION style.

INVAZION: You go it, B.

As I walked out of the office, I looked back and noticed, B.YONEST was already back to writin his latest record “Get Mine” produced by the Track Bangas. I wasn’t even out of his house yet and he was back at work, again. I tell you what. A man who works this hard, looks this good and is this talented is destined for GREATNESS. ALL HAIL (as MR “U CAN GOOGLE ME BITCH” aka B DOT aka B DOT ANONYMOUZ aka DOC FOCKER known to us all as B.YONEST would say!!


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