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B.YONEST aka B DOT ANONYMOUZ had to do it, people. As most of you know, B.YONEST can’t STAND Flo Rida. Not for any reason really, but a couple years ago he remixed “LOW” and never put it out there. This is actually one of the few songs B.YONEST enjoyed Flo Rida’s flow on. Then EVERY song sounded just like it and B.YONEST went ballistic on the dude. Anyways, check out the Remix here..

(you can download remix by clicking down arrow on right)


AKT LIKE U KNOW REMIX and B.YONEST and FLO RIDA collaborating on 80’s MUZK, HAHAHA

T-PAIN releases “I AM T-PAIN” iPhone app – a new music revenue stream?

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UPDATE UPDATE (Oct 1, 2009)

In the first 3 weeks alone, the application has seen 300,000 downloads. The average user spends around 66 minutes within the application — an absolutely ludicrous number for any app, much less one out of the entertainment category. To date, 4.1 million performances have been recorded within the application.

Looking to get more people in on the fun, Smule will be temporarily dropping the app’s price. From sometime later today until Saturday morning, the app will see a 66% price cut, dropping from the usual $2.99 down to just $0.99.


T-PAIN releases “I AM T-PAIN” iPhone app.  This was developed and released by SMULE – a California based iPhone developer who has raised 5.5m since its inception in 2008.  Smule’s other apps have more than 2 million app downloads so far.


(works w/ iTouch if you have external mic or headphone mic)

The first time I checked the apple app store – there was 20 reviews (rule: in order to write a review or rate you must purchase app) The second time I looked it was 47 reviews/ 72 ratings and 16 hours after release 63 reviews/94 ratings.

UPDATE:  4 days later:  at least 898 purchases

As time of writing there is 620 views on the YouTube video.  Second time I looked, 3,330 views.  and now 6 hours later 12,429 views – that is a pretty good reach for 16 hours after release.

UPDATE:  4 days later:  239,715 views

I am very interested and excited to see how BIG this application gets.  It looks FUN!   The uploading feature allows users to record there voice with auto-tune and place it on top of instrumentals and T-Pain songs.  Users can upload their songs to T-Pain’s site – great user generated content.   Very cool feature – check them out here.

This is innovation. After the download market went array – musicians/labels looked for new ways to commercialize their music…the ring-tone, an innovation a few years back made a a lot of money for a select group of artist (including T-Pain).   NOW labels /musicians are looking to the app as a new revenue stream?!  turn your thinking caps on…whats next???

Let’s see how BIG this “I Am T-Pain” app gets and how fast???  So much for the Death of Auto-tune (DOA).  This could lead to an even bigger mainstream appeal for auto-tune and T-Pain.


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more info about SMULE (click here):


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As most of you know B.YONEST aka B DOT ANONYMOUZ wrote and recorded 200 remixes last year including a couple/ few Flo Rida records. Again as most of you know, B.YONEST is loud mouthed and outspoken. B.YONEST doesn’t have beef w/ Flo Rida. He respects his hustle n flow. WELL, not his flow. B.YONEST believes Flo Rida has some nice things to say. He’s just irritated w/ the POP STYLE.. Well, just watch the videos and see for yourselves… B.YONEST IS IRRITATED…

AKT LIKE YOU KNOW and LOW remix MASH (click here)


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Picture 2

As some of you know by now, T-PAIN took time out of his busy day to feature a B.YONEST remix “CHURCH”…. Some in his camp, saw the post by B.YONEST manager, Zak, went to our blog, downloaded the record, uploaded it to THEIR server, posted it on facebook and asked for opinions and comments… A DAY LATER, THEY’RE STILL POURIN IN….


I wanna take this second to personally thank T-PAIN for his respect for the artists who aren’t there YET. He could have VERY EASILY deleted the post. Instead, he did that.. AMAZING..




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true or false?

T-PAIN, one of the most prominent and significant songwriters, composers, emcees and auto-tuners, featured a remix by B.YONEST aka B DOT ANONYMOUZ on his FACEBOOK page YESTERDAY? ABBZolutely, TRUE… B.YONEST did a remix to “CHURCH” and T-PAIN featured it.. (CLICK HERE) AND SEE FOR YOURSELF… 2ND POSTING ON THE PAGE.. THANKS T-PAIN!


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BET-awards-2009-winners-nomineesIn a night dedicated to the late, yet great Michael Jackson, the 2009 BET Awards displayed the most unbelievable ode to the “King of Pop.” The night began with a surprise feature (that Marlon Wayans gave away in the pre-show..oops) by New Edition (Ronny, Bobby (yes Bobby Brown), Ricky, Mike, Ralph T. and Johnny Gill as they welcomed the crowd to Jackson 5 songs along with the dance routines and N.E. swagger. The crowd had no idea who was on stage at first as they showed Diddy realizing Bobby Brown was on stage. Amazing performance and it felt so right to see New Edition on stage again.

Jaime Foxx was introduced and walked on stage in perfect “M.J.” attire… The “Beat It” video girl. The red zipper jacket, the black tight pants, the blue undershirt, the white socks and black shoes. He wouldn’t let the crowd sit down as he cracked joke after joke about his love for the King. THE WHOLE NIGHT WAS DEDICATED TO the KING and it FELT SOOOO GOOD, didn’t it y’all? Speaking of “KING’s,” LeBron James took home the first award of the night, Athlete of the Year and Lil Wayne grabbed rapper of the year. Congrats and respect to you both.

Keri Hilson did a phenomenal job showing M.J. love with her presentation of “Knock You Down.” She was decked out with the “Billie Jean” video swagger and I must say, her performance was dope and Keri H. is BEAUTIFUL.. REAL LIFE BEAUTIFUL. Jaime Foxx was the perfect host of the awards this year if you ask me. He refused to let the people, the black people, forget who they were there for and it was perfect. Great performance by the way Jaime on Blame it on the Alcohol. Special features by Travis Barker, Snoop Doggy Dogg and T-Pain put it down!!! #HOLLAWONIMO!!

Beyonce Knowles, known for her uptempo performances with back up dancers and such, performed two slow ballads beautifully decked out in all white. They woman is super talented, I must say. Her outfit was crazy as hell, but she gets down. Get ’em Girl!!! Did I mention Jaime Foxx did a great job? His gear was the D.O.P.E.S.T. s*ih, ever!! Mad love to Mary, Mary. Hate all you will, people.. IT’S THE GOD IT ME. Damn Queen Latifah can rap. Let’s not forget y’all. Mc Lyte, Queen Latifah and Yo-Yo were some bad bit*hes.That’s my shout out the fly women out there. Special congratulations to Keri Hilson on the New Artist Award. Damn, you fine baby.. love you!

Not to the fellas. Thanks to Ne-Yo, the old -time pioneers of R&B got to come and represent. Keith Sweat, Guy and Bell Biv Devoe?? GET REAL, BET… You did and AMAZING job and set a standard for Award Ceremonies to follow. Oh did i mention the whole show was in memory, respect and honor of MICHAEL “King of Pop” JACKSON. Damn, we love you Mike.

What an ode to The O’Jays.. The 2009 BET Lifetime Achievement Award. This is five decades of music, we’re talking people. Fifty years?? The O’Jays (all from Ohio)  Come the hell on! Tevin Campbell, Johnny Gill, Trey Songs and Tyrese?? Introduced by Don Cornelius, the host of Soul Train? Not to mention, the “sh*t bomb”dropped by lead singer Eddie LVert. Damn, man.. The O’Jays.

The 2009 BET Awards was the perfect display of music for me. It was just enough of the music of the yesteryear that definitely placed me in the position to sing in choirs, dance in dance groups and start my solo hip hip career. On the other hand, the modern era music/artists such as Ne-Yo, Keri Hilson, Beyonce and others made me realize the R&B genre is in great hands. The King would be proud.

Michael Jackson is a legacy. He left 45 years of music for us to never forget. He will live longer than you, me, my daughters daughters and their cousins daughters as well. Long time, huh? Janet Jackson was the highlight of the evening for me. The fact the she could have the strength, love, compassion and will to walk onto the stage and represent her family was ASTONISHING! Janet, we here at the B.YONEST INVAZION STAFF love you, your family and are proud to feel like family. You said tonight “We miss him so much” and I can’t imagine what you’re feeling. We are highly empathetic to you Ms. Jackson and we will never forget. NEVER! ALL HAIL, fellow African Americans and EVERYONE else. Black I.S. Beautiful!! ALL HAIL!


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B.YONEST NEWZ: “THE REMIX KING” releases more remixes “FAMOUS on FACEBOOK”

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B.ANONYMOUZ – “THE REMIX KING” wrote over 200 remixes.  He is releasing remixes/mixtape songs for his “FAMOUS on FACEBOOK” campaign on his FaceBook FAN PAGE

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This past week he released:


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511 FOLLOWERZ and climbing…  itz gettin silly on here…