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B.YONEST NEWZ: Taylor says Kiss my Ass Kanye. I win awards…

taylor-swift-11119-5First the girl is fine. Secondly, she plays the guitar, runs the Country Music scene and she’s not even old enough to get drunk yet. Taylor Swift is the “real deal” and a serious force to reckon with in the music industry. I guarantee she will not be getting dissed, interrupted or disrespected by any other “divas” (yes I called Kanye West a diva).. Get ’em Taylor..

Taylor won Country Music Entertainer of the Year, female vocalist of the year (ending Carrie Underwood’s three year reign on the award) and she performed. All you can do is tip your hat to the cross over sensation. She’s the youngest person to win Entertainer of the Year in a decade. After all she’s been through in the media and such.. I say good work Taylor. Maybe the incident with Kanye “boosted” your career and “booted his career. I can live with both..

B.YONEST NEWZ: KANYE’s 4th and hopefully FINAL APOLOGY to TAYLOR SWIFT directly by PHONE after “THE VIEW”

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Picture 17

OK, OK, OK, ALREADY can this finally be over!!!???

Word has it that Kanye called Taylor Swift and apologized to her directly after he saw her on “THE VIEW” this morning.

“Kanye did call me,” Swift told ABC News Radio’s Andrea Dressdale in an interview taped after the show. “He was very sincere in his apology, and I accepted that apology.” Asked if “going down the road, everything will be all right between you guys,” Swift replied, “Yeah, definitely.”

He said on “THE JAY LENO SHOW” ast night that he wanted to apologize to her in person..  (CLICK HERE for text of interview with Jay Leno)

Hopefully this is the last bit of reporting about this matter!!!

To read about previous 3 apologies (CLICK HERE) and the event that had everyone in America talking…

B.YONEST NEWZ: Jay Leno is the first to interview Kanye West after VMA’s on debute of “The Jay Leno Show”

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Picture 25

Jay Leno premiered “The Jay Leno Show” last tonight, which is the first-ever, five-nights-a-week talk show at 10 p.mPicture 24

Dan Finnerty of The Dan Band, a popular group who has been featured spoofing songs in movies “The Hangover” and “Old School,” was Jay’s first guest and did and silly car wash skit.

Jerry Seinfeld was Jay’s second guest, and they had a short decently funny interview.

Jay then did a hilarious mocked up skit with President Obama.

Jay then sat down with Kanye West and was the first to interview West after his disruption at 2009 MTV VMA’s.  Kanye received a tremendous black-lash after he stole the show from Taylor Swift during the first VMA award.

Kanye offered a kind of apology with a bit of remorse in his demeanor.-   CLICK HERE to see text of interview

Jay-Z, Rihanna and Kanye West performed “Run This Town”  off of Jay-Z’s Blueprint 3 album.  Have you hrd the “Run This Town” REMIX??? ITZ HOT!!!

A decent show tonight – our best to Jay Leno in the future! The show seems the same as Jay’s old show, just at 10pm.

B.YONEST NEWZ: Kanye West offers his 3rd (kind of) apology to Taylor Swift on “The Jay Leno Show”

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Picture 25

From tonight’s premiere of NBC’s “The Jay Leno Show,” Kanye West discusses with Jay Leno the disruption that he caused with Taylor Swift at the 2009 MTV VMA’s … full text:

JAY LENO: So thank you for coming and doing this, in light of all the things that have been going on.
Tell me about your day. Have you had a tough day today?
KANYE WEST: Yeah, it’s been extremely difficult. I just — just dealing with the fact that I hurt someone or took anything away, you know, from a talented artist or from anyone, because I only wanted to help people. My entire life, I’ve only wanted to give and do something that I felt was right. And I immediately knew in the situation that it was Picture 24wrong, and it wasn’t a spectacle or just — you know, it’s actually someone’s emotions, you know, that I stepped on. And it was very — it was just — it was rude, period. And, you know, I’d like to be able to apologize to her in person. And I wanted to —
JAY LENO: So when did you know you were wrong? Was it afterwards? as you were doing it? When did it strike you, “Uh-oh”?
KANYE WEST: As soon as I gave the mic back to her and she didn’t keep going.
JAY LENO: Let me ask you something. I was fortunate enough to meet your mom and talk with your mom a number of years ago. What do you think she would have said about this? Would she be disappointed in this? Would she give you a lecture?
KANYE WEST: Yeah. You know, obviously, you know, I deal with hurt. And, you know, so many celebrities, they never take the time off. I’ve never taken the time off to really — you know, just music after music and tour after tour. I’m just ashamed that my hurt caused someone else’s hurt. My dream of what awards shows are supposed to be, ’cause — and I don’t try to justify it because I was just in the wrong. That’s period. But I need to, after this, take some time off and just analyze how I’m going to make it through the rest of this life, how I’m going to improve. Because I am a celebrity, and that’s something I have to deal with. And if there’s anything I could do to help Taylor in the future or help anyone, I’d like — you know, I want to live this thing. It’s hard sometimes, so —
JAY LENO: Thanks for coming here, and thanks for doing that.

UPDATE: Word has it that Kanye called Taylor Swift and apologized to her directly after he saw her on “THE VIEW” this morning.

(CLICK HERE for update)

So was that really an APOLOGY???  Does that really make the situation any better?  Was it a HOAX?  When will we see next a hit song with Taylor Swift and Kanye West collaborating?

He did seem a bit remorseful…he says he wants to apologize in person!

Then Jay-Z, Rihanna and Kanye West performed “Run This Town”

Here is a REMIX of “Run This Town” – have you heard it yet???

(you can download by clicking down arrow on right)


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Live from Radio Music Hall in (Manhattan) New York City. LET’S GO!!!

Eminem vs Kanye West! Four nominations

Beyonce vs Lady Gaga! Nine nominations.

The night began with a Tribute to Michael Jackson. Madonna walked out on stage (as the crowd erupted w/ excitement.)

“Michael Jackson was born in August 1958. Michael Jackson was born in the Midwest. So was I. Michael Jackson had 8 brothers and sisters. Michael Jackson never got to have a childhood and he spent his whole life looking for it,” Madonna said.

“There is no question he was the greatest entertainer of all time. Elegance of Fred Estair and packed the punch of Muhammad Ali,” she told the audience. Then the NIGHT BEGAN.

Dancers walked on stage and “Thriller” began. They were dressed in past Michael Jackson video attire and did a presentation of “Thriller,” “Smooth Criminal.” (among others) and then the AMAZING HAPPENED. Janet Jackson walked on stage and performed “Scream” with her brother in the background on video mimmiking every dance move. AMAZING. AMAZING. WHAT U GUYS THINK OF THE PERFORMANCE!!?

Beyonce, Jay-Z, Eminem, Megan Fox, Kanye West and P. Diddy (to name a few) were in the building. Shakira and Pink were rockin the same dress. Nonetheless, Radio Music Hall was jumping, y’all. Did I mention Russell Brand was the host. Dude’s crazy. Abbzolutely C.R.A.Z.Y. It was a Celebration of Michael Jackson. Did I mention Lady Gaga was bi-sexual? I like it! Now to the Awards.

Best Female Video? Lady Gaga, Kelly Clarkson, Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Katie Perry or Pink?? And the Winner is “Taylor Swift.”

Wait A second.. DID U SEE what KANYE WEST DID Y’ALL?? DID U! This fool walked on stage during Taylor Swift’s speech, taylorswiftkanyewesttook the microphone from her and claimed….

“Beyonce has the best video this year. Beyonce had the best video this year..”

Best Rock Video? Green Day, Fallout Boy, Coldplay, Kings of Leon and Paramore. And the Winner is “Green Day.” Much respect homies. MTV PLAY MORE VIDZ!


LADY GAGA, Y’ALL!! LET’Z TALK ABOUT LADY GAGA!! I’M DONE DISSIN HER. She’s weird as shit, but the girl can really sing. Lady Gaga can really sing. She’s kind of like “Christina Winehouse. ” That perfect mix of Christina Aguilera and Amy Winehouse. I dig her!! GO GAGA! NO, but really.. Did y’all see what KANYE WEST did??

Best Pop Video? Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears or Cobra Starship.. And the winner is “Britney Spears.” WHAT she foxbyoneststill wins awards?? Who knew?

Now let’s talk about Megan Fox.. U know I banged her right. Read MORE HERE!

Who gives a shit about Twilight? Maybe I missed something since I haven’t seen the movies. I kinda want to, but damn.. They are everywhere!! TWILIGHT, TWILIGHT, TWILIGHT!! And onto BEYONCE!!! Who? BEYONCE!!

Girl is BAD.. She dances, sings, grooves and twerks it out. SINGLE LADIES! “SINGLE LADIES” REMIX HERE.. She is a performer.. Fuck lip syncin.. Give her a microphone, sexy outfit and a beat. SHE IS gonna MAKE IT work.. ALL HAIL, BEYONCE.. Let’s Collab. BEYONCE feat. B.YONEST! Damn, I love her swagger.. I could go on and on.. MORE SOON!!!

WHO SAW THE crowd BOOO when P. Diddy mentioned Kanye West?

Best Male Video? Eminem, Jay-Z, T.I., Kanye West or NE-YO? And the winner is “T.I.” Grand Hustle, Atlantic Records, etc. Much Love T.I. “Live Your Life”Remix HERE!

I JUST WANNA SAY.. MUZIK is BACK.. U SEE THE nominations for BEST MALE? NO wack MUZIK allowed anymore.. People are waking up and I (as an artist and BLOGGER) appreciate that shit!! Damn, Kanye West fucked up!!

Best Hip Hop Video? Eminem, Flo-Rida (sucks), Kanye West, Jay-Z or Asher Roth? And the winner is “Eminem.” SLIM “fuckin” SHADY.. LETZ GO!!! (have you hrd my ODE to Eminem???)

“It’s been a minute man,” he said as the CROWD went nuts. “First off I wanna say thank you to the fans for stickin by me. My daughters, Paul Roserberg, etc. Proof, this one’s for you homie. I love you Doodie,” he said. I love that Muzik iz B.A.C.K! The O.G’S had to return to the scene to pick this shit up again..!!

Best New Artist? Kid Cudi, Asher Roth, Drake or Lady Gaga? And the winner is “Lady Gaga.” Congratulations “Gaga.” You’re weird AND I’m startin to like it!! #HOLLAWONIMO!!gaga

This is for God and my fu*ckin fans.. And the GAYS,” she said!

I don’t know if I’ve told you this before, but Pink would get the bizness. That is a sexxy, crazy chick. I love me some pink! Damn, she was swingin’ from ropes and shit.. LMAO!! Get it Girl! Moving On….

Video of the Year? Eminem, Beyonce, Kanye West, Lady Gaga or Britney Spears? And the winner is “Beyonce.” You know HOW i feel about BEYONCE.beyonceswift

“I remember being 17 years old and being nominated for my first award so I’d like for Taylor to have her moment,” she said and Taylor Swift came on stage. GOOSEBUMPS!  Good for You, Taylor! Good for BEYONCE. There are some pure people in the world still!!

AND FOR THE FINAL PERFORMANCE… Jay-Z featuring Alicia Keys. Jay-Z comes walking backstage, grabs the mic, walks on stage, puts his hat low and it’s GO TIME! “Empire State of Mind” was incredible. MUZIK is BACK!!

Last, but not least the show ended with a scene of Michael Jacksons’ upcoming project. His final documentary “Michael Jackson’s THIS IS IT.” Long live the KING. Michael, you are amazing. You will never be forgotten, but celebrated. Amazing show. I’m proud of the ceremony. NOW PLAY MORE MUZIK VIDEOZ on your station!! ALL HAIL!!


B.YONEST NEWZ: Kanye West apologizes to Taylor Swift after VMA disruption

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After taking the limelight from Taylor Swift last evening at the VMA’s…Kanye West issues an apology statement on his blog (that was quickly taken down???).




Picture 21


(CLICK HERE to see text of INTERIVEW)


Word has it that Kanye apologized for a 4th time by phone to Taylor Swift directly by calling her after watching her interview on “THE VIEW”

Does this make it OK???  Was the whole thing staged or did Beyonce have that much class to bring the incident full circle by doing damage control???

Swift meanwhile suggested to that West had ruined her moment.

“I was standing on stage and I was really excited because I’d just won the award and then I was really excited because Kanye West was on stage,” she said. “And then I wasn’t excited anymore after that.”

Picture 17Picture 18

DON’T KNOW WHAT HAPPENED???  click here…

Here is an AMAZING REMIX of “Knock You Down” that we took Kanye off of…

have you hrd it??? (you can download by clicking down arrow on right)

B.YONEST NEWZ: BEYONCE has so much class and gives Taylor the mic

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WOW – BEYONCE has so much class!!!

She won the Video of the Year award for Single Ladies and gave her acceptance speech time to Taylor Swift because of Kanye’s interruption at beginning during her acceptance speech.

Beyonce said “Thank you. I remember being 17-years-old, up for my first MTV Award with Destiny’s Child and it was one of the most exciting moments in my life. So I’d like Taylor to come out and have her moment.”

Picture 11

What Taylor had to say about Beyonce:

“They told me to stand by the side of the stage and I didn’t really know what was going to go down, but I thought it was so wonderful and gracious of her to do what she’s always done,” Swift said. “She’s always been a great person before anything else. Before the talented artist, the superstar, she’s always been a great person and I just, I thought I couldn’t love Beyoncé more tonight, then tonight happened and it was just wonderful.”

“It’s definitely been an interesting night,” she said with a laugh.

Have you heard the SINGLES LADIES REMIX???

(you can download by clicking down arrow on right)