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B.YONEST NEWZ – 50 PLUS tracks and ALBUM – IS it possible?

Posted in B.YONEST with tags on February 21, 2008 by invazion

It is. I am sitting at Industry Standard (IS) right now, while B. is spitting over an Obie and Busta record from 5 years ago. SLEPT ON and now brought back to streets!

We just went through the arsenal of records and counted them out. 44 songz for B.ANONOYMOUZ with another 12 with CAM. So what does this mean?

YES over 50 tracks PLUS and THE SILENCE IZ BROKEN album!!! Comeon!!!!! Some emcees dont write that much in all their years of rap. B. wrote these all in 6 months!!! COMEON!!!


Posted in B.YONEST with tags on February 13, 2008 by invazion

THE SILENCE IZ BROKEN is officially mixed and mastered – 14 tracks -DONE

When will you get to listen? Great Question!

You will most likely not be able to hear the album in its entirety until after you have listened and rated the B.ANONYMOUZ VOLUME 1 tracks first. is a place where listeners rate the B.YONEST remixes vs. the original tracks. (Website is still under construction)

B.YONEST is getting an instrumental, writing a song, and recording song within a 24 hour period. He is ON FIRE!!! 25 plus remixes and literally growing by the day. All being recorded at INDUSTRY STANDARD (IS).

more news coming…